Wednesday, July 1, 2015

It's a TRIFECTA of happiness!

It's not often that I've got so much going on that's absolutely awesome, but .. today is the day! Now, some of you who aren't in Canada may not realize, but ... today is Canada Day. It's basically the Canadian equivalent to the Fourth of July for all of you folks from the states. We drink, barbecue, and blow stuff up (fireworks mostly).

Me? I plan to watch the fireworks from my rooftop patio with a nice medium rare steak on my plate and a martini in hand. What could make this day any more AWESOME, you may be wondering? A book release!

Get your copy here. Only 224 pennies!

This is the second in my Diamond and Diamond Private Investigators series. I've got an awesome contest running on my website right now. I've got a total of six planned, so Diamond and Diamond is expanding. Be sure to stop by and enter my "Name My New Detective" contest. You could win an e-copy of all six books and an Amazon gift card too! 

In addition to all of this OTHER wonderful news, I've just signed a contract for the first novel in my brand new shifter series! More to come on that later.

Thanks for stopping in to listen to me ramble about all of my excitement! What do you have planned for Canada Day or the Fourth of July? Is there barbecues, booze and blowing stuff up in your future as well? Inquiring minds wanna know! ;)


Fiona McGier said...

We'll be hitting the road up to northern Minnesota, to celebrate with some family. They have a cabin on a huge lake, and a speedboat, a sailboat, and a fishing boat; they also have 2 docks, since the cabin is on a peninsula, and both are great for star-gazing and searching for northern lights. We've really been missing the call of loons, so we're all looking forward to being up in the northwoods again, even if just for a weekend.

Of course, the drive home on Sunday will probably be horrendous. Better be sure to have a great time, so the memories make it worth the traffic!

Tina Donahue said...

Woot - WTG, Michelle - awesome release! :)

jean hart stewart said...

Good things for you to celebrate! Enjoy the fireworks...

Michelle Roth said...

Absolutely. I've lived in big cities for the last 13-14 years now, so I'm a big fan of stargazing whenever I get the chance. You really don't see too many with all of the ambient light in Toronto. At least not where I am. The lake sounds like tons of fun. The drive, not so much!

Thanks Tina and Jean! The fireworks were a great time. I was able to watch them from my rooftop deck. <3