Friday, July 3, 2015

Flowers, beautiful flowers

We all love flowers. I've been researching their meaning lately and thought I'd share with you. Flowers have different meanings in different cultures, ranging from protection, to warnings, to love, and even to wealth. The most ancient cultures had developed their own flower language. I'm talking the Celts, the Greeks, the Egyptians. Love of flowers seems to be universal.

Here's some of the more common ones and their meanings.

Amaryllis -- Success won after a struggle.  Often given in recognition of achievement in the arts.

Apple blossom -- Symbol of love, peace, fertility and sensuality.  Given to encourage sensuous nights. Hey, one of you writers oughta consider this! Strew the bed with apple blossoms instead of the more usual rose leaves!

Camellia -- Symbol of desire,  passion, and refinement.  A deep longing for your beloved.

Daffodil -- Faith, honesty, truth, and forgiveness. Many other meanings, like roses, but too much to give here.

Dahlia -- Lots of meanings, really a wild card. A spicy flower. A sign of warning, change, even a portent of betrayal.

Lily -- A flower for the spiritually advanced. Symbol of long lasting relationships.

Pansy -- Long known as the flower of remembrance.

Rose -- The meaning varies according to the color, and that's simply too much to tackle here. All symbolize honor and intense commitment.

Sunflower  -- A lovely flower to give. A symbol of good luck, wealth and ambition. An excellent house-warming gift.

Tulip -- A charming flower, going into contortions to follow the sun. This makes them the symbol of opportunity and adjustment.

Yes, and I know that's not a rose I have posted. Just trying to throw some color into the post.  I've condensed this from an article written by Avia for her column on What's-Your-Sign.com, and I thank her.  

Do tell me your favorite flower, and if it's not one I posted, do you know the meaning? I'm a flower nut, as you can easily tell from this column.

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Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Jean - as usual - you always have the most informative stuff. I love your quote ones. They rock! :)

Michelle DeLeon said...

I have several favorite flowers, but my top two are lilacs and lily of the valley.

Fiona McGier said...

Ooh, Michelle, you and me both! Husband indulged me years ago and planted lilac bushes all over our yard. I love it when they all bloom at once! Some are the purple kind, some he calls, "Miss Kim," and they're more white, but have a heavenly scent slightly different from the others.

Unfortunately we discovered when our kids were very young that every part of the Lily of the Valley flower is poisonous...so husband killed it all, to save our curious progeny. I do love the scent of their tiny bell flowers.

And one year he planted a Magnolia tree for me in the front year for Mother's Day. Our old house had a huge one right next to the back porch, and we used to love sitting out there, inhaling the fragrance of magnolias in bloom. Every year, I bury my nose in the flowers, repeatedly.

Fun column!