Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Language of Flowers

 Flowers have long been the subject of conversations, and their meanings are many, according to the civilization and the era. The meaning can also vary according to the different parts of the flower. It's a complicated subject, and I'll try to give you a taste of it.  Ancient civilizations had their own meanings, but one thing is clear in all cultures. Flowers have been fascinating for thousands of years. and this one thing is constant. Giving them is always a symbol of generosity and love.

Here's some common flowers and their meanings.

Amaryllis -- symbol of success won after a struggle, particularly in the arts  and scholastic endeavours, Giving them is the same as saying, "a job well done'.

Apple Blossom -- A symbol of heady sensuality and  fertility. Ancient Celts would strew them over their bed to induce amorous nights. Hey, you writers, there's an idea for you!

Camellia -- Indicates a deep longing for your beloved. Give these to your sweetheart. A symbol of desire and  passion.

Daffodil -- Daffodils have meanings of faith, honest, truth and forgiveness.Give them as a token of appreciation for honesty, or a token of forgiveness.

 Dahlia -- I've made no attempt to match the flower with the picture, just went for pretty flowers. So yes, I know this isn't a dahlia. Dahlias are signs of warning, of change or travel, even of betray. A gift for a person when you want to complement their wild side!

Lilies -- The flower of the spiritually advanced. Given to new mothers and brides to be. A symbol of long-lasting relationships.

Pansies -- Long known as the symbol of remembrance. Also togetherness and union.

Rose -- Too many meanings to even attempt here, as the meaning varies according to the color. You can Google this and find reams on the subject. In general, a symbol of love and commitment and you should only give them when serious about the object of your attention.

Sunflower -- Love this flower! They move their heads to follow the sun, and thus are symbols of spiritual attainment. Give them to someone who is working toward a goal and needs a big break. Excellent housewarming gift as it also means new opportunities in hearth and home.

Tulip -- Also  a sun lover,  and tries desperately to sway toward the sun. A symbol of opportunity and advancement, also determination.

It's really fun to research flowers. You might find that research energy producing - no,  seriously - and beneficial. I am indebted to
 Avia and her website, What's-Your-Sign.com for the information in my blog, and wish to send her my thanks. I condensed her article severely.

I'd love to know if you have a favorite flower, and maybe you can even reveal why.  Do comment !!!!


Tina Donahue said...

What a wonderful post, Jean. I like carnations for the fragrance - flowers for the beauty.

jean hart stewart said...

Carnations are wonderful. I simply couldn't pick one I favored above others. Love so many.

Fiona McGier said...

Lilacs...I love their smell...we have bushes all over our yard, with at least 3 different kinds/colors. My husband is from Lombard, IL, which is the lilac town, even has their water tower painted lilac.

And despite every part of the plant being so poisonous we pulled it all when our kids were young, I really love the smell of lily of the valley flowers. Those tiny white petals deliver a really strong fragrance.

jean hart stewart said...

Used to have a gorgeous hedge of lilacs when we lived in New York. I traded that for the California sun and I'm not sorry. Thanks for commenting.