Thursday, June 25, 2015

New Release!

It's me again!

I hope everyone is enjoying their summer as it's only just begun.  My update for this month is to let you lovely folks know that my newest release, the second book in the Binding series is available on ebook format from Siren Bookstrand.  In the off chance you've not heard about it, check out the following excerpt! 

-Sindri walked the halls of the light court in a mood completely opposite of his surroundings. Finding his Aunt in the dining room he sat down at the table and greeted her succinctly. Her surprised expression clued him in on exactly how unlike himself he was behaving.
“I would ask what is troubling you, or have you not acclimated to Raerdel’s days at the dark court yet?” The Queen was polite but concerned.
“She woke last night and was not herself. Not in a metaphoric sense but literally was not herself. The voice coming from her mouth was not hers and her actions were not her own.” Sin’s fist balled at the remembering of the incident. This morning it had been all he could do to allow her to travel back to the dark court without knowing whom or what was at the bottom of her possession the night before.
“That is very concerning indeed. Did she change at all physically or was it just in her actions and her voice?” The Queen’s voice interrupted his dark thoughts.
“Her eyes went completely black, there were no whites to her eyes. Have you heard of such a thing? Is it possible she was possessed in her sleep? What benefit or boon would Maeve have in manipulating her in such a manner?” Sindri still hadn’t come up with any plausible hypothesis as to why this could be happening let alone how.
The Queen shook her head and stood from the table. “I do not know, but I will meet with the elders and if there is an answer we will know it hence she returns in the morning. You cannot act rashly Sindri, I know how strongly you feel for her darling but your breaking of the treaty or attack on the dark court may be the motive in and of itself.”
Sin looked up at the Queen’s hand where it lay on his shoulder. “I know you are right, but this is about as helpless as I’ve ever felt aunt. If they harm her I will turn that court to ash. I do not mean this as a threat, without her there is no point.”
The Queen squeezed his shoulder before leaving the room. He knew that she worried for him and for Raerdel now that she had gotten to know her. He stood from the table and walked down the stairs to the grounds. Looking up at the sky he tried to reach out with his energy toward his wife. He couldn’t resist the smile when he felt the connection much like a puzzle piece falling into place.
Talking out loud and knowing she could hear him he leaned against the tree they had once argued at. “Are you well my heart?”
A soft laugh sounded in the air around him. “I just finished a rousing rendition of “blow things up in the basement”. I’m getting quite good at that. I may have accidentally blown up a few vases that weren’t really targets and supposedly have the remains of some really powerful; yet dead, people in them. I fear I displeased Grandmother.” The giggle in her voice let Sin know exactly how upset by that fact she was.
“Darling, we talked about that. No intentionally provoking her. We don’t know what she’s planning yet and the last thing I want is for you to tip the scales without realizing it. I need you to stay safe.” Sin kept his voice calm and soft to avoid betraying how truly worried he was and how little he knew about what was happening there.
“I know, and I didn’t intentionally. I really lost control of my aim after doing it for so long. I’m fine until I get tired then I have a harder time. Enough talk about the lameness that is the dark court. How are you doing?” He could hear the concern in her voice as well. His wife was always quick to put his wellbeing ahead of her own, which was not necessarily a trait he enjoyed.
“I am well, my aunt and I have been talking about what happened last night and are trying to come up with possible answers. Have you felt anything like that since going there?” Sin tried to gather as much information as he could to present the elders.
“No, but I’ve not gone to sleep yet. I’m just tired after the lesson but I’m always tired after that because she makes me do it till I am. I hope your aunt can get us some answers. I don’t like the idea that something can make me do things and not just in my dreams.” The underlying fear Raerdel felt was in those words.
“I know Raer, and I’m going to do anything I can to make sure that doesn’t happen again and that you are safe. Just keep linking with me and I can monitor your dreams and step in if needed.” Sin felt more than heard her yawn.
“Okay. I’m going to lay down now; I can’t keep my eyes open. I love you Sin.”
Smiling, Sin tilted his head back and looked at the stars now twinkling in the sky. “Not half as much as I love you Raer.” He teased with his familiar argument. She would often attack him with kisses until he relented on them loving each other equally. He was rewarded with her sleepy laugh and then she was asleep. Going back to his tower he prepared for bed and then lay to share his wife’s dreams. This time was not by choice, but out of necessity for her safety. Closing his eyes, he found her spirit immediately and joined her in slumber. - 


Binding Blood is available from Siren Bookstrand at this time in ebook format! 

This book is the second in a series and it is highly suggested that readers start with Binding Dreams the first book in the series.  This is available in ebook format most places they are sold.

Lastly, my author website and blog are under construction!  Keep a lookout as the new and revamped page will be going live soon at www.ceciletellier.com.

Thanks for reading I hope everyone has a great summer! 



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