Monday, June 8, 2015

Never Able to Say Goodbye

I’ve never been good at saying goodbye. It’s one of the reasons I always liked TV shows more than movies, I didn’t have to say goodbye to the characters I had come to love. It’s the reason I watch every sequel of a franchise, even if they are bad (Did anyone else see Hangover 3? That was a smart decision). And it’s one of the reasons I love to write series.

If you look at my backlist you’ll see most of my stories are series (though some have not become series yet, since I haven’t had the time to write the next book between new exciting ideas). Most of the time, my ideas start out as standalones, but before I’m done, I’ve fallen in love with a side character that I really want to tell their story. Or I’ve come up with another great story that could fit in this world (like Bound by Fairytales). Or I just want to see what happens next with the characters I’ve already fallen in love with.

This last craving is how I came to write Owned Forever.

The original idea for Owned for Christmas, the first book in the series, started out very simply. A girl comes home with her boyfriend for the holidays to find her ex is her new boyfriend’s brother. Which one will she choose? Her current love? Or the man that already broke her heart? Well, knowing me, there was only one good option. Both! Add in some delicious BDSM fun, and you’ve got yourself a naughty-fantastic holiday.

That’s all I intended to write. Just a fun hot holiday story. But I just couldn’t say goodbye. Certainly not where I left them off. And after hearing from readers, I really felt I needed to show what happened next. Too many people had questions about how Daniel was handling the changes in their arrangement. How they planned to balance their new dynamics for the future, and through their next endeavor…marriage! And I wanted to know too.

So I had to write Owned Forever, the next episode in Daniel, Grant and Kate’s love story, available tomorrow for preorder with Totally Bound Publishing. It’s been six months, and much has changed for Kate, Grant and Daniel, except for their love for each other and the complication of triad relationship. Throw in a country chic wedding and two sets of in-laws, and they are really in for a treat.

Now that I’ve given them a rounder, happier ever after, I believe I can finally say goodbye to Kate, Daniel, and Grant. But I make no promises. After all, there’s still plenty of happily ever after to explore. I’ve always wondered what a BDSM relationship with a kids would look like…

I hope you’ll stop on by and take a look at Owned Forever, and join me in celebrating Kate, Daniel and Grant’s new happily ever after. And take a look at their original story, Owned for Christmas. Though both stories can be read alone, I always believe, Everything is better in twos!

Buy Link: https://www.totallybound.com/owned-forever

Blurb: Two sets of in-laws, a Dom with the need to assert his power, a fiancée with an inferiority complex and a country chic wedding to throw. What could go wrong?

For the last six months, Kate, Daniel and Grant have been living blissfully in Colorado. But that's all about to come to an end. They’re opening up the ranch, and their relationship to outsiders—Kate's parents. While her future mother-in-law has adapted well to their unconventional relationship, Kate knows her parents won't feel the same. At her insistence, the whole Farrell crew agrees to keep the true nature of their relationship a secret, at least from her parents, for the whole wedding weekend.
Stretched thin, Kate tries to be everything for everyone. The enthusiastic bride, the good daughter, the diligent sub that’s always under the control of her master and the affectionate fiancé that wants nothing more than to be married. But with everyone’s needs weighing her down, eventually Kate snaps under the pressure.

In one quick moment of need, their secret is out of bag, and it’s not just her parents that feel betrayed. Can Kate convince all the people she loves to accept and participate in this untraditional wedding party, or will her needs doom her relationships for good?

Who knew Happily Ever After would be this hard!


Harlie Williams said...

How did I miss the first book? Congratulations! This series sounds like a lot of fun.


Tina Donahue said...

What a great post, Willa. I know what you mean when you say it's so hard to say goodbye to your characters. Congrats on your newest release! :)

Willa Edwards said...

Harlie, the first book in the series was out in December, but with all the holiday craziness I don't remember if I talked about it or not. But it still available if anyone is interested :)

Thanks Tina, I'm really excited about this release. Even though its hard to say goodbye, it was great to have this final time with Grant, Kate and Daniel.

jean hart stewart said...

Happy sales from your newest release....sounds thoroughly intriguing,,

Willa Edwards said...

Thank you Jean.