Saturday, May 30, 2015

The End...and The Beginning

Sound backward? It isn't. With Moonwitched coming out in a couple months (August 11, 2015) it was time to think about things anew. There are 7 books in the Guardians of Light series:
1 - Duality (Dara & Loren)
2 - Hedda's Sword (Maleta & Cianan)
3 - Lycan Tides (Finora & Trystan)
4 - Dust of Dreams (Pryseis & Benilo)
5 - Riever's Heart (Verdeen & Aryk)
6 - God of Fyre Mountain (Maili & Dax)
7 - Moonwitched (Mari & Valkyn)
and that's the end of that series. Seven books is quite sufficient for establishing my world. They were fun and challenging to work with, with the underlying theme always being "Good Beats Evil." They overcame all challenges to triumph in the end and find love and their own happily ever afters. Their lives and missions intertwined to make their world a better place. And then they had kids.

So where do we go from here? With the kids, of course. So the next series is going to be Daughters of the Guardians. Right now I have 3 books planned for that one:
1 - Braeca (Finora's daughter from Lycan Tides)
2 - Piroshka (Tzigana's daughter from Riever's Heart)
3 - Elyria (Dara's daughter from Riever's Heart)

I find the Guardians a hard act to follow. What HASN'T been done? But in a way it's a good thing. Think about the dilemma all kids with great/famous/heroic parents must face - how do I measure up to THAT? How do I top THAT? It's a pressure I can tap in to, relate to. And something all my girls have in common. On one hand, they're out to be totally unique - NOTHING like their parents. But at the same time, they can't escape the legacy they've been born into. They can't help who/what they are. The values that have been instilled in them since birth. They've seen good and evil and have made a gut-choice for the path of good...BUT...

They're their own persons, with their own biases and prejudices and identities. They're bound & determined NOT to do what their parents want, but to explore what THEY want. We all had moments of teenage rebellion - imagine it compounded exponentially when the fate of the world is at stake. They want to do the right thing, but not be little mini-versions of their parents, or worse, a shadow or a puppet. They have to find their own way through the patterns of Light and Dark.

+ Braeca has to come to terms with her own manipulative selkie nature
+ Piroshka has to contend with the pressure of being a powerful witch cursed with a prophecy that says she's fated to murder a man
+ Elyria has to balance a fiery, wild dragon nature with the constraints of being a prim & proper royal elven princess

No one said life was easy - least of all for the daughters of legends.

It's going to be a challenge for me, and for them, but it's a challenge I relish. I look forward to watching them grow and develop into their own persons, meet "the man of their dreams" and take on life head-on. I want to watch their parents balance "protecting their baby" with acknowledging and taking pride in their newfound maturity...and accepting sons-in-law and...gasp!...grandparenthood.

Fiction imitates real life. Families grow and change. My Guardians have raised a good bunch - time to watch them spread their wings and fly! I hope y'all take the journey with us!


jean hart stewart said...

Challenges are GOOD! Know you'll enjoy meeting this big one.

Tina Donahue said...

Sounds like a great series, Renee. :)

Renee Wildes said...

Thanks guys! Sorry late getting back to y'all - was out at a horse show all day. Tami got no ribbons, but Sassy was good. Two girls - one of them Tami's 4H teammate - had bad wrecks. Misty went to ER via ambulance. Katie's horse Morgan went vertical - we still don't know how he kept from going over backwards onto her.