Sunday, May 24, 2015

There's a T to Hide the Sadness, but @kayelleallen #dieting

There's no hiding this 
I'm not on a diet. I refuse to think of my lifestyle change as a short term thing. I've made this change before, you see. I shed about 65 pounds. Felt great, looked great. Had tons of energy. But I gained most of it back. Why? Because I started thinking that I was immune. That food wouldn't affect me the way it had before. I got lazy and stopped counting carbs or calories, and I didn't think about portion control. Next thing I knew, my pants fit tight. My tops weren't as loose as they had been. And then there were the pictures others took of me. Yikes.

So I'm making the change again. This time, I'm starting out with an actual diet. I need to lose weight quickly for health reasons. My back is giving me grief, and losing 20 pounds will do wonders. I have a long trip coming up with a lengthy plane ride, and I'm attending conventions where I will have to sit for long periods. My back is not happy when I do this, so by my doctor's suggestion, I need to jump on this quickly.

This time, I'm doing Atkins. It's fast, healthy, and easy to follow. After one month, I'll go back on my controlled portion plan. I understand it, and it lets me have anythin I want, within reason.

So this week I sat down and planned the next week's food for the Atkins thing. If you've ever done a low-carb diet, you know it can get boring. You have to guard against that by having a plan for what to eat and when.

Today, I was up quite early, long before everyone else. I had coffee and an Atkins meal bar. Not bad. When everyone was up, I took time to fix an omelette. In about 30 minutes, I'll have another cup of coffee and an Atkins morning snack. I'm never hungry on this diet, but I do get bored sometimes. I like to have a glass of milk in the morning, but that's 12 carbs. If I have an Atkins shake, it's only about 3 carbs.

I thought this would be a good spot to share my diet situation. I'm looking for advice, and recipes, especially with the Atkins diet. If you've ever done it and have suggestions, please let me know. I'd love to hear from you.
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Tina Donahue said...

Good luck on your diet, Kayelle - we've all been there. :)

My advice - don't diet. Eat sensibly. Diets get boring (as we all know). They're not realistic.

I eat meat rarely. Never was crazy about it, so I'm lucky there.

I mostly eat fresh fruits and vegetables, whole wheat pastas and bread. I'm never hungry, always full and I don't gain any weight.

I do exercise 40 minutes each day which helps tremendously.

By cutting out fast food which isn't really food and going more toward the Mediterranean diet (although I call it a lifestyle change), I'm healthier than I've ever been. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Hate diets..hate, hate them. I do better cutting down on carbs, which isn't always easy. I'd like to lose five lbs now. Ugh...

Kayelle Allen said...

Thanks ladies. I'm doing okay so far.