Sunday, April 12, 2015

The Takeover Continues... #EroticRomance

The next book in my wildly popular Takeover series is finally here.

Erotic Takeover will be available April 22

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He’ll unleash her indecent desires…in the most provocative way possible

Working for a celebrated photographer of lush nudes, many with BDSM themes, isn’t easy for Jodi. She’s full-figured, wholesome and longing for Mac, her bad boy boss. His shaggy hair, wicked tat and total hotness make her dream of ditching her work as his assistant to get down on her knees as his eager sub. If he’d only notice her.
Who says he hasn’t? As laid-back as they come, Mac can’t get over how uptight Jodi is around him…like he might bite her. Not what he has in mind. Her guileless nature and voluptuous figure do dangerous things to his self-control.
Lucky for him a client’s request has Jodi finally yielding to her sensual nature, because Mac’s fully prepared to dominate, demanding her submission, delivering punishment. In other words, an erotic takeover.


He was gentler than he’d intended to be or could endure for long. Mac’s only reason for making his first move so subdued was that he didn’t want to alarm Jodi. The moment she decided he was being too rough, she might pull back or push him away.
No fucking chance he’d let that happen.
Her mouth was too seductive. Not only ungodly soft but loose beneath his. Her flowery fragrance made him think of her again in an old-fashioned, age-yellowed portrait. In the image, her hair would be longer, the ends dangling above her lavish breasts, her nipples puckered from her arousal and excitement at posing so shamelessly.
He imagined her in a frilly corset drawn tightly around her waist, the satiny fabric not doing much to hide her lush nudity. Instead, it would display her pale breasts and ass for his use, her punishment. The thought of disciplining her thickened Mac’s blood. He could almost hear the crack of his palm or a strap against her succulent cheeks, followed by her sounds of submission and desire.
A growl caught in the back of his throat, a sound Mac didn’t dare let out until he was certain she wanted at least a portion of what he’d been fantasizing about. His tongue glided over the seam of her mouth, testing, teasing, then slipped inside gradually, opening her to him.
Her taste and wet heat made his legs rubbery. His knees bumped into hers.
Moaning softly, Jodi sagged against him, surrendering.
Aw, baby.
Mac planted his hand on her ass and pushed her cunt into his rigid shaft. Jodi yielded further, her mouth fitted to his, arms wreathed around his neck.
Intoxicated by her eagerness, Mac filled her mouth with his tongue. Her nipples were peaked, hard as could be against his pecs. Her desire was so damn welcome that he answered her faint moans with a growl then a cruder grunt, unable to pretend he still had any control over what was happening between them.
Jodi couldn’t possibly be deluding herself either. She suckled his tongue with abandon and ground her body into his.
They rocked back and forth, each of them trying to get closer in their carnal dance. Mac held the back of Jodi’s head, not allowing her to break free. She pushed her fingers through his hair, anchoring him to her. Wasn’t enough, dammit. He needed more and angled his mouth for better penetration.
Once he had it, Jodi took charge, forcing his tongue aside then spearing hers into his mouth. An appreciative noise escaped him, the sound more animal than human. She answered with a lusty groan that thickened his cock and squeezed his balls. Mac wanted her hands on that part of him. No, not her hands…her tongue.


Fiona McGier said...

Phew! It suddenly got a whole lot hotter in here! Great excerpt, Tina! You are a master (or is that mistress?) at erotically charged scenes!

Tina Donahue said...

Thanks, Fiona, you made my day! I really enjoyed writing Jodi and Mac's story. :)