Tuesday, April 14, 2015

The Civil War Series: The Armstrong's

The Armstrong's is a series I am working on, an wanted to tell you about it. A lot of publishers have told me lately that civil war stories are not wanted, not even post civil war. But I must say that when I first announced it on Facebook, I had a rather good reaction.

So I thought I'd tell you a little about the coming series, it's a small series, hopefully that is a good thing. It's about two twin brothers and their two cousins tht go to war.

George Burleson Armstrong had two sons, twins, that were very different in personality. Joe was in his opinion the leader of the two, the one most likely to succeed in carrying on the family plantation. Sam was the emotional son, so therefore George thought him the weaker won. Now the problem isn't who runs the plantation, but who they love. Joe loves Carmen, a Spanish decendent of aristocracy. His father heartily disapproves of this union. He wanted Joe to marry Melanie, the girl he's properly engaged to. Sam on the other hand, was madly in love with Melanie all along, and the only one that knows this is Joe. So when the two go to war and survive it, they make a pact, before ever going home to switch identities. Joe becomes Sam, and Sam becomes Joe. This way, they can both have the girl of their dreams.

The new Joe is now free to love Melanie and marry her. But should he marry her without telling her the truth?

Joe, who is the new Sam comes home free to marry his Carmen. It's a perfect set up for the two of them. Or so it would seem.

They're cousins, Zane and Christopher have different tales. Susan Elizabeth Barrett had loved Zane and saved him countlessly from the Yankees. But now the war was over and he returned to where he'd found her, and she ewas gone...what was worse...she had left with a baby. His baby!

Christopher Armstrong has another problem. He had joined the Union Army, his mission to take over the Hardy Plantation, use it as a headquarters for the Union, and then once they were done, burn the plantation. The one thing Chris hadn't counted on was meeting the beautiful Ann Hardy, whom he fell in love with. But how could he ever expect her to forgive him for what he had done to her and her family?

These are the ARmstrong men and you will meet them soon enough. They are on pre-order over at ITUNES. If you like civil war romances, you'll fall in love with all of these men and women.

It's a romantic era in our history, as well as a tragic. Perhaps it's the tragedy that makes the romance so much bigger than others. The good and the bad of war mixes with romance and sacrifices are born. Love is sometimes bought with forgiveness, and strengthened by it too. The Armstrong's are a strong and heroic bunch of men and women who sacrifice everything for love and country.
God Bless


Tina Donahue said...

Wow, these all look like awesome romances, Rita. Love your covers! :)

Redameter said...

Thanks Tina, Sheri McGathy did the covers. She's great. And very reasonable. Really like her work.
Love and blessings