Thursday, April 23, 2015

Need Fire

The ancient Celtic festival of Beltaine or May Day is almost here. So it's a perfect time to launch my new Box Set - Need Fire. A need fire is a ritual bonfire used at the ancient Celtic fire festival of Beltane. Many people now days celebrate May Day in place of Beltane. The words need and fire also conjure up images of a hot romance so I thought it would make a perfect title for this box set of five Celtic romance novellas.

In fact there is a hot excerpt set at Beltane in Timeless Voyage, one of the novellas in Need Fire. It's too risqué to post here. But I post a line or two. that's suitable  These sentences are pulled out of the excerpt. There is more to the excerpt than this.

In this daydream, by the light of the flames, she peeled off a loose tunic dress and stood nude before her Beltane lover.
He stood in all his glory adorned only with a brazen gold neck ring.
Though he could have had any woman, he wanted her, and she wanted him. 
Save for thick red hair, spiking like a badger’s bristles, her Beltane lover looked exactly like the Roman. 
Her body tingled as she recalled the sultry heat of his lips searing a path up to her mouth and hungrily covering it. The kiss created a shock wave though her entire body.  He lowered her to the fertile earth.
She recalled that he’d gazed in her eyes and said, “We shall wed at Lughnasa.” 
As joy filled her, she remembered answering him excitedly, ”Yes, we shall marry come the Lughnasa feast.” 

Her body jerked, startled. She shook her mind free of the strange musings. How could she have loved this Roman, Kaeso, in a previous life?


Need...then love
burns hot for five Celtic couples who risk all for love.This box set includes: Moon Goddess Wife, Timeless Voyage, Pendragon's
Obsession, A Fine Cauldron Of Fish, and Some Vampires Shimmy all published
individually as well. 

A Fine Cauldron Of Fish
It's a hot summer romance for Margaid and Andrew on the Isle of Man. There are only a couple of minor problems: Margaid lives in a cave under the sea, is invisible, and thinks that only Andrew's blood can save her from turning into a water horse! But hey, whoever said love was perfect?

Moon Goddess Wife 
Chief Pwyll's life turns into one wild ride the day Goddess Rhiannon gallops past him on her magic horse. 
Timeless Voyage
A Celtic pirate, Anwen, captures the enemy, a Roman seaman. As she holds
a dagger to his throat... memories of fated lovers, druids and sacrifice stay
her hand.


What if a warrior king wanted you so badly he'd turn to magic to have

Some Vampires

It's all sizzle and steam when the last of the dancing vampire sisters get together with a sexy rock guitarist and a hot looking god at a Scottish
Steampunk Con. 

The box set is available at the kindle store now and is soon coming in print.


jean hart stewart said...

Love your writing, as you know...Congratulations on the boxed set. it sounds wonderful !!!

Tina Donahue said...

Wow - this sounds like an amazing set, Cornelia. Amazing cover.

Cornelia Amiri said...

Thank you Jean and Tina, I appreciate your comments so much.