Sunday, April 5, 2015

Love in Bloom

Spring has arrived, at least according to my calendar. I can’t really tell because of the scattered snow, freezing rain and thirty-degree temperatures, but who am I to argue with my calendar? This is the season when love is in bloom and otherwise rational men do crazy things for their objects of desire. In honor of this heart happy season, here are some of my favorite romance scenes.

From “The Sweet Distraction” –

George eyed Cookie’s lithe bikini-clad frame as she lounged next to the pool. “I should probably go. I’m cutting into your tanning time.”

“Why do you have to rush off?”

“I’m working under a deadline. Remember?”

She ran her bare foot along his leg. “You know what they say about all work and no play.”

“I always make time to play.”

“Like what?”

“Poker, Blackjack, the ponies once in a while.”

“Are you good at picking the winners?”

“I like to see them run first, but it usually depends on who’s holding the riding crop.”

“Ooh, is that a kinky side coming out of hiding?”

George winked. “I’ll never tell.”

“I like to play, too.”

“What games do you like to play, little girl?”

“Pass-out, strip dominoes, escaped convict and the Warden’s wife…”

“Those are a little out of my league.”

She ran her tongue seductively across her lips. “Maybe you should move up from Little League to the Majors. That’s where they play night games.”

“Is this where you ask me if I know how to whistle then tell me I just put my lips together and blow?’

Cookie raised her sunglasses. “I can think of a much better use for your lips.”

* * * *

From “Lido Key” (Vic Fallon #2) -

Vic placed his arm around Ariel’s shoulder. She snuggled closer and rested her head against him.

“Feel like holding me for a while?”

He lightly ran his fingers over her bare arm. “Girl, I’ll hold you as long as you want.”

“Better be careful. I may take you up on that.” She sighed contentedly. “This is part of my problem—no one to hold me like this.”

“We’re a dying breed, us holders.”

“Then keep doing it before you become extinct. Still sorry I got you down here?”

“Not really, but the next time you want to kidnap me, arrange for me to wake up in Key Largo.”

“Mmm, very romantic. I haven’t been there in years. We could role play. I’ll play Bacall and you can be personal Bogart.”

“Great actor, not that convincing as a lover. Pick someone else.”

“Who would you pick?”

Vic thought. “Alan Ladd.”

“Alan Ladd?” she asked in surprise. “He was only five-foot-six and had to stand on a box to kiss his leading lady. Why Ladd?”

“Because he was tough and cool but he also had a quirky romantic side that women found appealing.”

“You’re a strange guy, Vic.”

“Yeah, I hear that a lot.”

* * * *

From “Mistletoe and Palm Trees” -

Brooke glanced down and smiled shyly. “Does it feel strange to you, being in the Keys alone at Christmastime?”

“Yeah, it does,” Tom admitted. “I haven’t taken a long trip by myself in years. It feels weird.”

Her eyes took on a sultry look. “So what’s a lonely girl to do with herself for a whole week in a tropical paradise?”

“Find an equally lonely guy to bum around with.”

“Where would I find such a guy?”

“They’re all over the place.”

“Maybe I should run an ad.” She placed her hand on his on top of the table. “Unless you’d like to apply for the job.”

“I’d be happy to provide references.”

She gave him a playful look, one that made her green eyes twinkle. “What are your qualifications?”

“I’m here alone for a week, I have no plans, and I find you very attractive.”

“What’s your availability?”

“At your service, twenty-four-seven.”

Her look turned sly. “Does that include nights?”

“Of course.”

She laughed. “You’re hired. How soon can you start?”

He squeezed her hand. “I just gave notice on my last job.”

* * * *

From “Warning Shot” (Nick Seven Book Three) -

Nick brought Felicia’s hand to his mouth then kissed it. “This is one of the reasons I’m glad I have you around. You always keep me focused.”

“Is that the only reason you’re glad I’m around?”

“No, but it’s a long list.”

She moved to Nick’s lap then kissed him while running her fingers through his hair. “I’ve got nothin’ but time, Tough Guy.”

He caressed her cheek. “You’re resourceful, self-confident and independent.”

“You just described a Boy Scout. Can’t you do better than that?”

He kissed her. “You’re incredibly hot, passionate about everything, and waking up next to you makes all my teenaged dreams come true.” He paused. “Plus you make a mean stir-fried shrimp.”

Felicia laughed and lightly smacked his arm. “Is that the best you’ve got? You were always better at foreplay.”

Nick peered into her soft brown eyes. “You make me feel alive and I can’t wait to start every day all over again with you.”

She cupped his cheek. “That’s what I was gonna say.”

* * * *

From “Anywhere the Heart Goes” -

Sam gently ran his hand along Rachel’s arm. He gazed into her eyes, still seeing the angry fire inside. “I want to tell you something,” he softly began. “Remember when you said that we’d both hit by a couple of bad relationship breaks?”

Rachel nodded.

“You were right. At first, I was afraid I was going to get hurt again, and then I realized something else, something I hadn’t felt in a long time.”


His eyes held hers. “I was afraid I was starting to like you too much and if things didn’t work out between us, you’d get hurt. I didn’t want that to happen to you.”

She looked bewildered. “How can you like someone too much?”

“When you get up in the morning thinking about someone and you can’t get them out of your head the rest of the day. When you’re doing something you enjoy and you wish they were there to share it with you.” He paused. “When you’re with someone else and you keep thinking about the other person. That’s how.”

Rachel’s face gradually dimpled into a smile, the fire within extinguishing like a flame in the wind. “You really do care, don’t you?”

He traced her jaw with his fingertips. “A little more than I planned.”

* * * *

Happy Spring, everyone!

* * * *

Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author whose books range from romantic mystery/thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. His website is www.timsmithauthor.com.


jean hart stewart said...

Tim, that is fantastic dialogue. I really enjoyed them, and getting too know your writing better.

Tim Smith said...

Thanks, Jean. I'm glad you liked them.

Fiona McGier said...

Tim, you are such a romantic! I love the soft-side of your macho heroes. They can fight and spar with the bad guys with the best of them...then they can say the kinds of things that curl their woman's toes with squiggly excitement! That's why I like your books.