Monday, March 2, 2015

Lovin the Facial Hair!

I’ve dreamt of running my fingers over the fine black hairs gracing that gorgeous face. And with the look he’s giving me right now, I’d do more than just that. How could I say no to him even if he is only 26? Damn youngin! You’re testing my wills here. I did say 25 was the youngest but 14 years? If we get married, I’ll be in the wheelchair while you’re still walking around spry without a walking cane. Sheesh. Unless you keep me in shape then perhaps I can keep up with ya. Oh yeah. Keeping me in shape doesn’t involve no elliptical machines or cardio. Bed action, babes, bed action.

Mornin. A little impromptu passage based on the picture in the corner. That’s model Andrei Andrei and no, I don’t own the rights to that pic or him. Hmph. Wish I did. Anyways, I posted the pic because he’s sporting a beard. I mean, he’s already sexy as all hell. Great bod, gorgeous face, and some of the prettiest eyes I’ve ever seen. And heck, he looks good without in this pic.

Yep, a lot prettier but this muse prefers the facial hair. I like more manliness to my men. Yep, some scruff feels good when you run your fingers over his face. When he kisses you, you feel his mustache tickling your top lip. How about when he drags his head over your body? Uhh… *brainfreeze* Hells yeah. I love it. It might cause you to itch a little but I’m willing to be slightly uncomfortable in favor of my man having the mustache and beard action.

Why? Well, let’s see. Like I said, men with beards look a more manly and then if he has some chest hair and the line going from his navel down to the prize between his thighs, even better.
Sure clean shaven is nice too. Hell, there’s a few clean guys I wouldn’t throw out of the bed for eating crackers but the facial hair is beautiful men. Don’t cut it unless you’re starting to look like a wooly bear. *grins*

Okay, fun time. How about some pics of well-known men with their facial hair? Yumm… I can’t post them all but here’s a nice list!

Well what do ya know, that was a post by my fourth muse, Veronica Bagby! I plan on finally writing with her this year.

Hope you enjoyed the eye candy!

What are your thoughts on men with beards? Love em, hate em?


Tina Donahue said...

I like hair on a guy - some stubble, definitely pit hair (so damn sexy) and a bit of hair on the chest. Some of these guys are so photoshopped, their skin is as smooth as a woman's - don't like that at all.

Fiona McGier said...

I want men to look, feel and smell like men. I'm totally in love with everything about them! That being said, I'm not really fond of long beards. I LOVE facial scruff...that "only shaved every other hair" look they get by the evening when they shaved in the morning. YUM!! But full beards are not my thing. Mustache? HELLS YEAH!

I think it's really funny that men will go on and on about the soft curves, hairlessness, etc. of a woman and how sexy it is. But they denigrate themselves, calling themselves hairy beasts...as if that's a bad thing! As a hetero woman, let me tell you, hairy men are really sexy!

jean hart stewart said...

Hair on lots of places is strictly a turn on..

S.Lira said...


I like a little of all of it but yes, beards are sexy. For the longest time, I didn't think they were but now, wow! I love em!

<3 TY for commenting

S.Lira said...


I like men who are pretty too. I just do!

I know it comes from the days I loved Duran Duran!

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S.Lira said...


For me too

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