Monday, March 9, 2015

Long Journey to Release

Thanks to e-publishers, books can be available faster than ever. While it can take two or three years for a print book to make it to shelves, some of my books with e-publishers have taken less than three months from acceptance to release.

But sometimes things hit a snag. That was the case with my new hetero contemporary novel With Every Touch, which will release on March 24 from Loose Id.

Back in spring 2013, I was struggling to think of something to write. Because of my contract terms with Ellora's Cave, I owed them a manuscript, but I had nothing to send. My brain was just plain not cooperating. So I turned to some friends to ask for suggestions.

One of them said, "You should write about a good-hearted plumber with incredible hands." (Needless to say, he's a plumber.)

I brainstormed the story, and my friend agreed to let me "borrow" his last name for the hero. He also fact-checked the few plumbing details in the book. For the first time in months, the words flowed smoothly, and I was excited to see what readers would think of Erich Zahn and Sheila Holloway.

My editor at Ellora's Cave loved the story, but then things started bogging down. Although the book was accepted in November 2013, a couple of months went by with no word on edits. And then, after several more weeks, I was informed that my editor had left the publisher. I was assigned to a new editor, but still heard nothing about edits on With Every Touch.

Last summer, eight months after acceptance of the book and still with no word about edits, I withdrew it from Ellora's Cave and started looking for a new home. It finally landed at Loose Id, where it was accepted on January 5 of this year.

So now, I'll finally get to see what readers think of Sheila and Erich, and I can't wait for the feedback.

I haven't received cover art yet, so I'll share that and an excerpt of the book next month. 


Tina Donahue said...

What a shame that it took so look to realize publication. Glad it's coming out soon, Karenna - major congrats! :)

jean hart stewart said...

I've had the same experience at Ellora's Cave and am now writing for MuseItUp. They are slow between acceptance and publication, but now have five books scheduled with them. So I've got a lag in books too...