Saturday, March 14, 2015

It's Almost Tax Time, It's Almost Easter

Well, here we are again, thinking about our taxes, and Easter too. Naturally thinking about Easter is much more pleasant than Taxes, any day.
Writers are basically self-employed when it comes to taxes and there's a lot of figuring going on. Taxes are higher for self-employed people. And it's hard to estimate how much you are going to make.

I got a CPA to figure it out for me, it's too much math for my head. Funny but he can estimate very close to annual income and what I need to pay in every quarter. This takes some of the burden off a writer. All I have to do is cut a check every quarter and give him my figures. But for those who are smart enough to do their own taxes I applaud you. I tried that at first, but it got too complicated as time went on. Plus with a CPA you don't have to keep up with all the new laws that come into effect. Of course it is expensive, but I figure that into my expenses the best I can. It's worth it to me to have someone else handle the headache.
You have to weigh things in your life to see what is bothersome to you and what it might be worth not to worry over it. I'd rather take mine to a CPA who knows all the new laws and how to estimate income and can whip out all the answers. Gives me a lot more time for writing.
Easter is right around the corner too. I wonder what your Easter customs are. Most people attend church, at least once a year, and usually if they are only annual attendees Easter is the day they go. LOL

I remember drying eggs all night, and making all those beautiful colored eggs. Or buying plastic eggs and stuffing them with candy. What fun that was. I'd walk around with dyed fingers for a week.

Used to people bought Easter dresses every year and at church everyone was decked out in their finest. Another ritual is the big dinner after church. And watching the kids hunt eggs a zillion times.

You can't compare Taxes with Easter, one is a headache and the other is so much fun.
So to all of you out there who enjoy dying the eggs, and hiding them for the kids, I say have a blast, fill the day with good memories. And don't fret about the Taxes, the IRS will get theirs no matter what.

I've got a new book coming out in April, This Side of Forever, I hope you will check it out.
Happy Easter Egg and good luck with the other!

God Bless


Tina Donahue said...

I'm always glad when April 15 is past. Huge burden gone. There are websites where you can put in your data (nothing personal, no SS, name or anything), just your income and any deductions you might have and it gives a very accurate estimate of what your liability will be (if any).

jean hart stewart said...

Have had the same guy do my taxes for years. I assemble the stuff and throw it at him and he does the rest. A cheap price to pay for his knowledge and expertise..I hate to even think of me doing it...

Redameter said...

Yeah, Jean, me too. Like I said, when I first began writing the IRS called it a hobby, because I wasn't making much. But finally they recognized it as no longer a hobby and want to collect on it. But to sit and try to estimate what I will make and how I'll come out in the end, no, it's too much for my head. You get to an age when having things done is not a luxury but a necessity.

Just gathering the income from all the sites and trying to remember all the deductions are work for me. LOL

I truly hope you all have a wonderful Easter and that the taxes don't eat you alive.

Love and blessings