Sunday, February 8, 2015

Erotic Romance On TV

I don’t know if it’s the popularity of the new fifty shades of grey movie or the popularity of the erotic genre in general, but lately I’ve been seen a bunch of different erotic and erotic romance authors finding their way into mainstream TV. I thought I’d take the chance to discuss a few of them and the truth and myths behind their portrayals.

Molly from Mike and Molly. Though I love many aspects of watching this character delve into the world of writing. Not only is Molly just funny overall (how can Melissa McCarthy not be funny?) I loved her watching her deal with some of the harder aspects of writing. I laughed out loud at the episode about being blocked on a story. I’ve definitely been there. I don’t tend get writers block, but boy, I love to procrastinate from revising. And can see myself rearranging the entire kitchen if the edits were really bad. I also love how accepting, yet awkward her family could be about her profession. I’ve certainly had a few experiences like that.

Myth: Very few erotic authors, or even mainstream authors, make big bucks
. Sure you have your occasional run away hits, but most of use work very hard for the money we make. And very few of us ever make enough to buy a brand new car, like Molly does in one of their episodes. It’s even rarer with a first time author. It takes time to build a following and hone your craft.

Abby from the Mindy Project. Probably because Mindy Kaling is a writer herself, there were a lot of writing stereotypes incorporated into this characters. I loved when the ‘Mindy’ character approached Abby with an idea of a story. I’ve definitely gotten that one before, and with ideas that are nothing like the stories I write.

Some of the funniest aspects of having this character on the show was Peter, one of the other doctors in Mindy’s practice, reaction to Abby. As the resident frat guy on the show he sticks his nose up at the books until he reads one for as an apology to Abby, and realizes how sexy her books are. His attempt to write a story as well as an apology is downright hilarious, as are the other members of her writing group he reads it in front of. It’s exactly how I imagine someone not in the biz would react to the industry.

Myth: According to Peter, Abby writes sex scenes for two hours and then spends the rest of the day partying. This is a wide held belief about those who write (I believe some people in my life think this as well) but nothing could be further from the truth. Everyone I know that writes, either full time or for the passion, work very hard. Even with a full time job most of us put in more than two hours a day, when you include promoting, writing and revising.

 As much as some aspects of the stereotypes these characters portray might irritate me, I love seeing the genre I love getting more press in mainstream media. What could be bad about seeing more romance authors filling our TV screens?

What do you think? Do you like seeing these characters? Have you seen any other erotic authors on the big or little screen?


Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Willa - and so true - writing ain't easy or lucrative for that matter.

jean hart stewart said...

Funny how many think they can easily whip out a book if they wsnted to. And of course all authors are rich, aren't they?

Fiona McGier said...

Since I work multiple other jobs, I don't watch TV, unless husband has rented a movie for us.

New car?? With my royalties I'd consider it a raise if I could buy myself lunch!!