Tuesday, January 13, 2015

We all need a little risqué in our lives...

Welcome to Sweet N Sexy Divas. I'm your tour host for today and every month on the 13th, Nicole Morgan. So sit back, relax, maybe even prop up your feet and enjoy your visit! 

Risqué  Renovation 

It finally is here! After months of trying to find the perfect home for my latest manuscript I went to the best place where I knew they would do it justice. Now that the wait is over, let me tell you about my latest release... 

After years of abuse at the hands of her ex-husband, Sandra Jameson flees in search of a new identity. Wandering across the country, she happens upon a small coastal town of Grand Isle, Maine. The quaint little city is exactly what she has been looking for and Sandra, now going by the name of Patreece Warren, sets down roots to begin her new life.
Kade Riley grew up in Grand Isle and has a reputation of being a bit of a ladies’ man. As the local handyman, he is called on by many for various projects. When the new woman in town catches Kade’s eye, he comes to her rescue with his tool box in hand.
Patreece slowly lowers the protective walls she’s built around herself. While the days tick by, their attraction for one another grows until that spark ignites into a flame.
Now, the only thing standing in the way of their future is her past.

PG Teaser...
He sucked her lower lip between his and tenderly caressed it with his tongue. Then he nibbled at it ever so gently. That one singular moment had sealed his fate and hers. As soon as his teeth sank into that tender flesh, a whimper escaped her. It wasn’t just any whimper, either. It was filled with desire and need. Her eyes closed on her next breath and Kade knew there was nothing that could have held him back...

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Nicole Morgan is an author of erotic romance novels, which more often than not have a suspenseful back story. Erotic romance mixed with good old-fashioned whodunit. While she's written everything from contemporary to paranormal her leading men will more than likely be wearing a uniform of some kind. From military to police officers, she has a love for writing about those who protect and serve. From her very first novel about Navy SEALs to her more recent releases you will be sure to find a few twists and turns you were not expecting.

She also has a recurring monthly column in Book & Trailer Showcase's eMagazine, is a proud member of the Romance Books 4 Us Gold Authors and also one of the Sweet N Sexy Divas.  

Find out more about Nicole and her books by visiting her websiteblogGoogle + PageTwitterFacebook and her Yahoo Group, Nicole’s Think Tank.

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Fiona McGier said...

Looks like a hot read! I love me some suspense with my sensual romance! Good luck to you!

Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Nic - sounds as awesome as your other ones. :) Hope you burn up the net with your sales!