Sunday, January 18, 2015


By the time this blog goes live I'll be 6 days post surgery. A 2nd surgery on my right hand or wrist. A re-do from a botched carpal tunnel surgery last March. This time I have a hand/wrist/microvascular surgeon doing it. He specialized in wrists hands, is at one of the best hospitals in Toronto - Sunnybrook - so I'm hoping for a better outcome. He said 50% it will get better, 50% could stay the same, 1/1000 it could get words. What does that *really* mean. Crapshoot.

My own doc said if it was his daughter or wife he would recommend the surgery. So away I go. Even though I was hoping for a miraculous last minute recovery.

If you're not queasy take a look at this pic. It's about 17 days after being cut the last time. Around the time I got an inkling something wasn't going right. I still had numbness and tingling all fingers except the pinky. And close to a year later, still have same numbness and pain when using it too much. When I look at my hand in same position today, you can really see the muscle deterioration.
I was recouping in St. Croix with Lexi Post and her husband. It was a fabulous place to try and heal and they were wonderful hosts. And she has the most awesome hat collection.

Whoa, while looking through my pics for the first one made me see how many I have of St. Croix and my visit that I've neglected to manage! Here's a few more. I fed this pig some beer - non alcoholic of course.
From the awesome pier that cruise ships dock at.  I was hoping to catch a glimpse of a sea turtle or sea horse. Both remained elusive.
Of course I had to take the typical arrival shot. Feet in the sea.
 And these are my most favourite flowers on the planet. Frangipani. I had to zoom in on this pic as they were in someones yard guarded by a gate. Otherwise I would have totally picked them. Such a gorgeous scent they have.

So. Next month I'll update on the hand. AND perhaps some other news I've been working on ;) 


Tina Donahue said...

Looks like an awesome vacation. I envy you. Sorry about your wrist. Wow, that must hurt. Be better soon! :)

Harlie Williams said...

Feel better soon!


Cristal Ryder said...

It was a great trip. Wish I could go again but Lexi moved off island. Fingers are still numb and I hope they come back. Surgeon said it could be 6 months.

jean hart stewart said...

Loved your pictures. Could almost smell the frangipani! Lots of luck with your wrist recovery..

Lexi Post said...

Hey Cristal, my current heroine wears the frangipani scent! Hmmm, wonder where I heard about that? ;-)

Cristal Ryder said...

LOL, I wonder, Lexi :)