Monday, January 5, 2015

Operation Payback

I’m pleased to announce the release of my new romantic thriller “Operation Payback” (Nick Seven Book 4) from Extasy Books. This is the fourth installment in my popular series featuring two former CIA spooks trying to lay low in the Florida Keys, but the books don’t need to be read in order.

“Former CIA operative Nick Seven has worked hard to create a new life in the Florida Keys with his Barbadian lover, Felicia Hagens. Their life in paradise takes an unexpected turn when a double agent that Nick sent to prison is granted an early parole. Nick still remembers what Simon Larch said when he was sentenced– “Someday I’ll get you for this. You won’t know when or how. Just wait for it.” Larch is supposedly in another state, so who’s responsible for the ominous threats Nick receives, and how does Larch seem to know everything about Nick’s past? What kind of payback is he really planning?”

As a rule I don’t like to clutter up my stories with messages, but this one is different. I wanted to show how easily the average person could be unknowingly stalked and then implicated in something they had no part of. Such is the case here. Nick doesn’t realize he’s being targeted by an ex-con with a grudge until it’s almost too late. The psychological warfare his nemesis puts him through is very real, and could happen to any of us.

This story further develops and strengthens the relationship between Nick and Felicia. There’s enough heat between these two to make Key West in July feel like Montana in January. Here’s an example.

They walked to the water’s edge and gazed at the clear horizon. Felicia wrapped her arm around Nick’s waist then rested her head against his arm.

“This is heavenly,” she commented.

“Yeah, it is. Thanks for suggesting this.”

She pulled his face to hers then kissed him. “You needed a break.”

Nick caressed her cheek and peered into her eyes. “Feel like a swim?”

She gave a coy smile. “I didn’t bring my bathin’ suit.”

“Neither did I.”

She giggled. “Aren’t you afraid someone will catch us?”

“Let ‘em.”

They stripped down then waded in, swimming out to deeper water.

“Feels good,” Felicia commented.

“Yeah, just right.”

They held onto the ladder at the rear of the boat. “Americans need to get more liberal when it comes to this,” she said. “Back home we have nude beaches all over the island.”

“So that’s where you developed your aversion to clothing,” Nick teased.

Felicia splashed some water on him and laughed. “I never heard you complainin’ about it.”

“And you won’t.”

She placed her hand on his shoulders then kissed him. Felicia darted her tongue into his mouth and felt him getting aroused under the water when he pressed against her. Nick kissed her passionately, making her toes tingle.

Nick cupped her cheek. “Feel like continuing this on the beach?”

She squeezed his cock under the water. “Of course.”

They waded to shore and heard a cat call from two guys on a passing jet ski, followed by a shout of “Nice ass!”

“I hope they were talking about you,” Nick said.

Felicia squeezed Nick’s butt. “Might’ve been you.”


“I cream over your butt.”

Nick eased her onto the beach towel and kissed her. Felicia darted her tongue into his mouth, challenging his to an erotic duel. Nick’s hands roamed over her body and lingered on her full breasts, causing her nipples to harden.

“You sure you want to do this out in the open?” she whispered.

Nick nibbled on her earlobe. “I want you so bad I don’t care where we are.”

Felicia gave a seductive chuckle. “Somethin’ ‘bout doin’ it under the palms turns me on.”
* * * *

If you’re in the mood for something to take your mind off the chilly winter weather, pay a visit to the Florida Keys with Nick and Felicia in “Operation Payback.” It’s a fun trip!

* * * *

Tim Smith is an award-winning, bestselling author whose books range from romantic mystery/thrillers to contemporary erotic romance. He can often be found in the Florida Keys, doing research in between parasailing and seeking out the perfect Mojito. His website is www.timsmithauthor.com.


Fiona McGier said...

I really like your strong females, who give as good as they get! I've also always been partial to nicely-shaped butts on men! One of my favorite parts to admire.

Sounds like another hot ride, Tim. Another candidate for my TBR list on my kindle.

jean hart stewart said...

Love scorching hot writing! Best of luck, you've got a winner here.

Tim Smith said...

Thank you. Fiona, I love creating strong female characters in my romantic thrillers and in this one, Felicia is called on to "give" a lot more than she gets.

Tim Smith