Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Goodbye 2014 and hello 2015!

Okay, I admit that I’m not the chatty author.  I don’t talk about my writing, my book, sales, how to promote myself or even about my publisher.  Being a review site owner has taken too much of my writing time and effort over the last two years.  Yes, my book, The Couple is two years old.  I didn’t celebrate, throw a Facebook party, shout it out on Twitter or Instagram the cover.  I’m such a bad author and I admit that.
But on the flip side of that, my review blog doesn’t own me anymore.  Yes, I still review and stuff but it doesn’t rule my life anymore.  I had a lot of personal things happen this year.  And no, I won’t go into them but the end of the year is looking promising for 2015.  I finally found a job to supplement the family income.   As of December 31st, I don't have that job anymore. Worked 20 days and they told me "It just wasn't working out."  Seriously????  Plus, I lost my online jobs because of this job so now I have nothing in the way of money coming in.  Yes, hubs still works but the extra income from the online stuff was great.  And that's a different situation and headache all in the same whack.  Plus, being a stay at home mom was driving me nuts.  I love my son, I really do but he’s in the 4th grade now and I need to start cutting the apron strings.  The adjustment hasn’t been all that bad.  Well…my body isn’t used to getting up at 5:30 am and working all day but it will.  One of the best things about me working is that I’m around people.  Living, breathing people.
Sure, I talk to people on Facebook and such but the real act of seeing people, talking to them and the basic interaction is gold to me now.  I never know how isolated I was being at home all the time.  The loneliness, boredom and you can only do laundry and clean your house so much before you go insane.
I have a couple of things working now in terms of writing.  I have a YA/NA crossover series about the same couple that I’m writing.  The series follows them through high school, college and afterwards.  There is NO angst, abuse, evil outside forces pulling them apart.  In fact, the series is a romantic comedy with a bit of spice in the last book.  My characters are well-adjusted, come from loving families; they just need to figure out the battlefield of being friends, than lovers.  Did I mention that some of the characters are based on real life people?  No?
In other writing news, I do have a contemporary romance that is slowly coming around.  This is a tougher book to write because of the subject matter and how personal some parts of it are to me.  The main character is based on me or least what I envisioned for myself when I was growing up.  It’s another friends to lovers story for me with a bit of spice.
Hmm…other than that, I don’t have much else going on with writing.  I have a romantic suspense w/paranormal elements that I would love to finish but for the life of me I can’t write the heroine.  It’s not that she bores me but writing the villain and hero are much easier for me.  *head slap*  Any help would be appreciated.
So that’s it in a nutshell.  My life is full and 2015 should be fun.  Baseball starts in 2 months!  WOO HOO!!!!
*I originally wrote this post for my author blog.  Anything that I have crossed out...well, its updated.  At least I can still substitute teach but still.  20 days?  Really?  The job wasn't meant to be but as someone going back to work full time after two years, I would have liked to have known what the problem was so I can fix it next time.


Harlie Williams said...

This post was not intended to be a downer. Its just sad that after all this time trying to find a job that the employer didn't give me the courtesy of telling me what went wrong.

In the State of Texas, legally they don't have to tell you during your first 90 days. But hey, I'm old and want to know how to improve myself for the next job.


Tina Donahue said...

Sorry to hear about you losing your job, Harlie. This is what happens in 'right to work' states. Trust me, 'right to work' isn't intended to protect the employee as politicians LOVE to state. It's to make it easy on employers to screw over their employees. You can be doing a bang-up job for decades and one day they can say, "It's not working out," and fire you without batting an eyelash. Then they can hire someone cheaper or someone they know - a relative or a friend of a friend.

In this political client we have now, workers are totally screwed over. Lousy part-time jobs for lousy pay and little benefits - if any - and then they can dump you like yesterday's trash without giving a thought as to what that might do to your life.

Hope you find something else soon and with an employer who has integrity.

Fiona McGier said...

Hey Harlie, subbing isn't so bad. I've been doing it for almost 12 years and I've enjoyed spending time with the kids. If it paid better, I wouldn't be looking for anything else. Unfortunately even if you work regularly at least a few days each week, it only pays about a quarter of what a starting teacher makes, and less than what a full-time aide makes, and they get benefits! But at my age (pushing 60) they won't interview me for even aide positions anymore. Sigh.

So I sub during the day, tutor after school, and look for alternate work I can do on-line for when I'm home. Still doesn't make anywhere near what I would like to contribute for the bills, but that's the economy we live in. Lip service is all that's paid to children and their education. Those who provide it are expected to enjoy being "bottom-feeders", especially if they were stay-at-home parents at any point in their kids' lives.

Sorry to hear that your recent job was such a disappointment. Hopefully you'll find something else soon. Good luck, girl!

And you're wise to seek other areas in life to enjoy, like your son's baseball career. Spend time with them when you can...all too soon they move out of your house and you walk into empty rooms and wonder when you'll get to hug them again!

Love ya!

Harlie Williams said...

Tina: You are correct about the right to work states. But as I reflect back on it, it just wasn't meant to be and I'm okay with that.

Fiona: I love subbing, don't get me wrong about that. Plus, I still have time with the kid.

Losing the online gigs BECAUSE of the fulltime job is what sux more than anything. That was decent money for me and I enjoyed it.