Friday, January 16, 2015

Family...can't be born without them...sometimes can't live with or without them!

I've been thinking about family a lot.  One of our sons is busily planning his upcoming wedding, so he and his beloved are up to their eyeballs in trying to please everyone in both families.  We've made it easier on them by telling them that anything they want is fine with us. They're adults.  We trust them to make good choices.  Hey, they chose each other, right?

Recently I had dinner with a couple of girlfriends.  One just lost her father, so she spent some time talking about his having come from a family of 18...that she knows of.  She was always learning new things about the family from her many cousins.  She grew up with few first cousins, but lots of second, third, and more cousins. Some of the stories she told us were hilarious...some merely sweet. 

Another friend said that her parents always told her they were married the year before she was born.  Imagine her surprise when they were both gone, and in looking through old papers, she found their marriage certificate and guess what?  They were married only a month or so before she was born.  Shocker, right?  Well back then it was...so much so that they shielded her from the embarrassment of learning about it for the rest of their lives.

When I write my novels, I don't just write about the principal characters who are busy falling in love.  I also write about their friends and yes, their families.  Why?  Because everyone is the product of a family, and whether or not you stay in touch with them, they are the ones who share memories that help define who you are.  My mom was from a family of 10.  Of them all, only one sister is left, and my aunt is close to 90.  She's still sharp as a tack, but all of those memories are hers alone now...no one else to join in with her and to "remember when?"

My Reyes Family Romances allow you to watch as the years progress, through all six books.  Characters who were the focus in one book, reappear in subsequent books, older and still expressing their love.  I want to show that there is life and love beyond the HEA ending.  Happily-ever-after  doesn't mean there won't be conflicts.  Life is conflict.  But when you are really committed to another person, you work things out in order to stay together.  Compromises happen, love ebbs and flows, and having and raising children creates all new challenges.

My Minnesota Romances started out with a book about a man who has no family, having been raised by a single woman, his show-girl mother, who was deserted by his father when she became pregnant.  He was raised to think they didn't need anyone else.  But when he begins to fall in love for the first time in his life, after spending years being a player, he realizes that the family that this woman has represents everything missing in his life...and he wants it.  He falls in love with her, as well as her family, and the town they live in.  It's not easy for him to convince her that he means it...nor is it easy for him to change.  But with the help of her family, it becomes possible.

The third book about my Minnesotans will be coming out March 1.  No cover yet, but it's the story of a romance between two people in their fifties, both with histories and families, and how they learn to combine their pasts to form a new future. Come love, laugh and cry with my characters and their families.  I hope you enjoy them as much as I do!

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Tina Donahue said...

I agree, Fiona, that adding family in your stories gives them reality. It seems like all these people who populate novels are an only child (except for series where there are 8 brothers or sisters for the future installments) with no connection to anything in the past.

Fiona McGier said...

You're right, Tina. And the thing that really irks me is when there are multiple brothers in a family, and each one of them is extremely hot and sexy and an animal in bed...so eventually we get stories starring each of them. Statistically shouldn't at least one of the brothers be gay, or boring, or celibate by choice?

And the really unbelievable books are the ones where the brothers are eager to share one woman! Like I've said before, my sons wouldn't even share their toys when they were kids! Share their woman? NFW!!

jean hart stewart said...

A thoughtful and interesting column...Family is so important, whether you acknowledge it or not.

Harlie Williams said...

Family is very important in life and in books. I get tired of reading books where the hero/heroine is alone with no family. That's just not realistic to me.

On the flip side, sometimes family can be too much. I love my inlaws but they can be a very loud, intrusive bunch and I value my privacy. I couldn't live near them at all. I don't like people all up in my business all the time.

Oh wait...March 1st???? Man, that's right around the corner. Can't wait to read about an older couple. :)


Fiona McGier said...

Harlie, it's the story of Ivan and how he meets the woman of his dreams. Who just happens to be Kelly's Mom. Who was a spy for 30 years, and now that she's retired, someone is trying to kill her. And we find out more about Ivan and all of his relatives.

I hope you'll review it for me?

Harlie Williams said...

You know you don't need to ask me Fiona. I'm honored to read your books.