Sunday, December 14, 2014

When you write both Sweet and Sensual romance

I'm one of those writers that goes from sweet to sensual. But how does a writer keep
track of which is which?

First of all, It isn't an easy task. But a seasoned writer, such as myself, creates the
sensual angle usually on the character traits and the plot to some extent.
What do I mean? Well, every character has a set of values, morals do's and
don'ts. Most of the time if a girl is a virgin, she isn't going to jump
into the sensual trap unless she's trying to prove something,
or wants to get even in some way. But this rule still doesn't
follow suit. What am I saying? That it still depends on her character.

A writer doesn't want to put his characters in a position to act "out of character".
However, even sweet little virgins can change their mind when an alpha hunk comes
by. So exactly how do you determine if the character is going to jump onto
the band wagon, so to speak?

Part of the set up is the plot, what's going on in the story, is it a life-changing
kind of thing? Is the plot going to send the characters into some new vortex?

Another thing, from the guys angle. If good ole Roy is one of those honest
kinds of guys who doesn't take advantage ofthe girl, then the story is set a
lot of times. He won't push her, and she tries to push him into it. But it
doesn't work. So you come out with a sweet story. Or she's the sweet one,
and he's a wolf and tries to persuade her to take the challenge. Does he
change all of a sudden because he's falling in love with her? Probably
and then again, you have the sweet story.Some instances of sweet romance
is: Delivering the Bride, my newest book, now on pre-order. She married
the wrong man, or thought she did, and the right one won't take the advantage.

The sensual story evolves a lot of times by two consenting adults who want a real
relationship and dip into the waters to experiment. Nick's Baby was a story about a
woman who wanted a baby, but not a husband. So she uses a sperm bank
if she can pick out her own man. When she meets Nick she is smitten
by his gallantry to stand by his child and never leave it. That's
what draws her to him. He's the kind of man you can depend on.
When the sperm method doesn't work and she still pesters him for the
child they haven't created, Nick decides to take it to a new level. What's wrong
with the old fashioned way, sex? So this story instantly becomes sensual.
Strictly Business starts with two opposites marrying for business reasons and finding
they have a lot in common. So because they are already married, it is easy for them to
slip into the sensual mode, and also very natural.

Now some authors may not work this way, but this is my way of creating sweet and
sensual. It's my characters and their situation that tells me if it will be sweet or
sensual. I like to play with both.

Some authors stick strictly to one way of writing, either sweet or sensual.
But I think you broaden your horizons if you allow both in your thinking and you
let your characters make that decision for you.
Just my opinion. What do you think?


Tina Donahue said...

Excellent descriptions and explanations of the two types of romances, Rita. I enjoy both. I'll add that when you're doing a romantic comedy - what I started out with - the virgin can often be the aggressor with the poor guy trying to be upright about everything. Provides lots of laughs.

Redameter said...

I've read those kind too Tina and love them. But no matter what you write, most of the time it's your characters who lead the parade of which way to go. It's fun, and sometimes an author will be writing a piece and suddenly the character changes on them and goes a new direction. That's makes you stop and think, doesn't it?

Writing is so much fun and the more diversity you put into it, the less you get bored.

I've heard some writers say they are tired of writing the same way all the time. Well, the good thing about writing is that you can change it if you want to. you can write something different.

I love writing, and I thank God for the imagination it takes to keep at it.

Bless you all today and I hope you enjoy your holidays.
Rita Hestand