Thursday, December 18, 2014

Silly Season

It's silly alright! How do you cope with the Christmas craziness?

I find since my divorce 10 years ago and then move from our family farm in 2008 where we'd raised the kids, I feel disjointed. Fragmented. I have a new man and most of my time is spent at his house. I have my own house and my youngest (24 yo) lives with me - well on  his own if you consider how often I'm there. My oldest (26 yo) lives on his own in a city near by. Their dad is about an hour away. So, how do you juggle the kids, them wanting to visit the ex, the significant other of my oldest wanting to see her family, me spending time with Meat Man & his family juggles. Not to mention my dad is a hour away and my brother an hour and a half away!

Totally not uncommon to be sure. Many families are fractured like this. I would love to have one big old farmhouse with lots of bedrooms and invite everyone over. But in the real world, it would likely be a big almost empty house. Anyway....

This is my tree in my house. A quick and easy, no nonsense and low maintenance set of twigs and branches with lights - as Chef Son calls it.

 I'd like to spend more time at my house, but the dumb thing is the village I live in bans parking on the road from November 1 - March 31 for snow removal. We have no snow right now. So, with only one parking space available to me, my son has it and my sweet neighbour that lets me use hers, has a sister coming for two weeks so obviously I have to be gracious and not park there. But I can't park on the road without getting a ticket. How ridiculous. But I'll cope. Always do.
So, I would LOVE to go away over the holidays. *poof* gone. See ya. My oldest, techie son, says I will feel different when I have grand kids. And no, he's not telling me something :)

*sigh* Yes, here.

How do you deal with the complications and balancing act that is needed for the Holiday Season?

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Tina Donahue said...

Love your tree - very creative. :) Hope you have a wonderful holiday season, Cristal. :)

Cristal Ryder said...

Thanks! You too, Tina.

jean hart stewart said...

Love your tree! Gives me ideas for next year...