Friday, December 12, 2014

Make Me Surrender in What to Read After FSOG box set

I'm thrilled to be in the newest box set What to Read After FSOG!

99 cents for 11 novel and novella length romances.

Available from these fine retailers:

Kindle US - http://amzn.to/1BS3Q3L
Kindle UK - http://amzn.to/1zHXlM5

Here's the cover art, blurb and teasers from my novella Make Me SurrenderEnjoy! :)


She has a proposition…to win their attention, passion, hearts.

For over a year, Mercy’s had her eye on Travis and Dutch, two of the hottest guys on the Oregon coast. Dark and dangerously virile, Travis owns a saloon that caters to bikers. Dutch looks like one, right down to his impressive tats, and operates a motorcycle repair shop on the premises.

When a position opens in the saloon’s kitchen, Mercy sees a way to be near these sinfully sexy men, wanting the job and lodging, her cabin snuggled between theirs.

Travis isn’t so sure about having Mercy nearby. She’s deliciously curvy, but too nice. He’s into temporary fun. To Dutch, forever is a dirty word.

Imagine their surprise when sweet little Mercy encourages wild nights of carnal pleasure with a dash of bondage and spanking…followed by friendship and tenderness.

Before she’s through, these tough guys will be the ones who’ve surrendered.

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