Friday, November 7, 2014

What did you read as a kid?

I wish I had something interesting to talk about this month but I don't. I'm not writing right now, the review blog has slowed down and I'm neck deep in being a mom.

This coming Monday, I am working the book fair at our son's school.  I've never done that before so it should be a blast.  Of course, I'll be researching MG (middle grade) books over the weekend so I'll have a clue when the kiddo's come and ask me questions.  Our son is into Gerinomo Stilton, Percy Jackson and *sniff* he wants a James Patterson book.  That makes this momma very happy.

So my question today is what was your favorite childhood book growing up?

Mine...Judy Blume and Beverly Cleary.  I wasn't much of  a Nancy Drew kind of gal.

Until next month, when hopefully I will have something more interesting to say.


Tina Donahue said...

When I was a kid I was reading Dickens - Great Expectations, Oliver Twist - I always liked the classics.

jean hart stewart said...

I was hipped on anything about King Arthur..

Mannouchka said...

When I was a kid I read lots of book
Diary Jeanne Frank Dickens Miserable Contesse de Segue Tintin Asterix Lots of French and English and Spanish books Ah I forget encyclopedy

Have a great evening Tina and Jean
It's maybe for that I love reading books

Fiona McGier said...

Like Tina, I read mostly classics, since they were on the bookshelves in my house. I was in 7th grade when I started reading "adult" books, like "The Godfather". My parents never censured what I read.

My kids LOVED the Artemis Fowl books by Eoin Colfer...magical with fairies and centaurs, but much better-written than Harry Potter books, with a lot of humor and a huge bodyguard that should be played by The Rock if the books ever make it to the movies.

My daughter liked the Enchanted Forest Chronicles, by Patricia Wrede...don't ask, just go get them out of the library. You'll love them too! I finally had to buy them so I could re-read them regularly.

Eva Ibbotsen wrote some entertaining books, as well as the Christopher Chant series of magician-children.

My kids liked sci-fi even when young, with fantasy-worlds of magic and epic battles as their catnip.

Suz said...

I read constantly. I'm not sure what age group "middle grade" books are, but I loved fantasies by Eleanor Cameron and, later, Edward Eager (I think that was his name). I read historical novels by Eleanor Watson set in the UK. Loved them. I loved a German author named Margot Benary-Isbert and would love to find them again.