Friday, November 14, 2014

The Last book of the Travers Brothers, (and why I wrote it)

I thought I should make an explanation as to why I added, Avalanche of the Heart to the Travers Brothers series. The answer is simple. My readers wanted the Sammie Jo Travers story. So I wrote it.

Like most of my last books in a series, this one takes an unexpected turn. I don't know why I do this, but I do. It's like you can't wrap everything up with a neat little bow, there's got to be some changes, as life is full of them. But this particular change won my heart when I got into it. I hope it does yours too.

The premise of the story is: Sammie Jo can't face all the tragedies of home. Her grandfather died, her father is ill, her cousin moved away to college, and her father has to sell the ranch to pay medical bills. (Yes, the 4 Bar-None ranch). It's all too much, so Sammie Jo finds a way to survive it. She buys a saloon in a remote area in Alaska and moves.

Simple enough, but one might think that isn't very heroic of her. Still, when reality hits us in the face, we have to make some tough choices.

Her adventure in Alaska is fun, and she meets some wonderful people, one in particular that she is fascinated with is Cody Talltree. He's a deputy sheriff, with a little baggage of his own.
Cody is different than most of her past dates. He's a real man, not a kid going to college or working the rodeo circuit.

Fitting in and making tremendous changes in her life becomes the norm.

But for a girl who thought she'd be a cowgirl all her life, Sammie Jo matures into a beautiful, and successful young woman. Enjoy the ride as you meet her once more in this last book of the Travers Brothers.

The reason and the only reason I might add I wrote this book, is for the readers. Because I hate to leave them hanging with a character they want to know better. Thanks for suggesting I write this book, it was a lot of fun. Oh, and one more thing, wait until you meet SeeMe!


Tina Donahue said...

Beautiful cover, Rita! Wow did the artwork? I'm looking for a cover artist for an indie pub I have coming up.

Redameter said...

Actually, I did the cover for Avalanche of the Heart. I found the graphic and paid for it and did all the other work on it. But Check out
Sheri McGathy or https://search.yahoo.com/search?ei=utf-8&fr=ytff1-&p=%20pre%20made%20book%20covers&type= Their are higher, but they have some nice ones.

has some nice ones too.

I've been sick again. I have bronchitis once more, every winter, the minute it turns cold, I get it. I have medicine but I'm sure coughing a lot.

There are a lot of pre-made book covers. Just put pre-made book covers in your search engine and you will find a lot of them.

Safari Heat has some too.

Check them out.
Love and blessings