Monday, November 3, 2014

Christmas with the Marquis

This is a fun-filled, action packed story of an impossibly conceited Marquis and the girl he falls head over heels for. The fact she'd the fiancee he once rejected doesn't make the task of winning her any easier.  So a house party at Christmas seems just the answer. But that's before the villain enters the picture, and then the proverbial hell breaks loose. 

Incidentally,  did you know there was no Xmas tree in the Regency period? That had to wait until Victoria and Albert, when the prince brought them over from his native Germany. Lots of holly, fir, and mistletoe, though.

Here's an excerpt:

Abigail called after them. “Galoshes are by the back door. Gloves and scarves also. You don’t want to wear your best clothes on an expedition like this, gentlemen”

She leaned back in her chair and watched them go. Startled, but pleased, she hurried to her own rooms to change into riding clothes and tall boots.  She adored tramping in the woods and how could she not join in the search for the perfect Yule log?   After scarcely a thought she pulled on the breeches she wore when she was riding at home with no one caring what she did. She pulled on her riding boots, although she picked her second-best pair. Who knew what such wonderful snow would do to good boots?

She ran lightly down the steps to the back door. A small screech escaped her when the felt herself hauled against a strong chest, and looked up in astonishment at a livid Jason glaring down at her. Maybe not Jason, right now. No, definitely the Marquis.  An irate Marquis, giving her a good swat on her rear and glaring at her.

“Don’t you even think of trying to escape me, you little fool. You’re not at your country home. You’re at mine, with some of the most licentious noblemen in London who’d be delighted to see you so scantily clothed. Do you want them to line up at your door tonight, you vexatious idiot?”

Abigail simply stared at him for a moment, her temper ready to boil over, when he suddenly softened, ran his hands over her hips and around her waist and pulled her against him.  His kiss was hot and blazing, lingering for a wonderfully long time until he jerked his arms away.
        "My god, Abby, how can I keep myself away from you?"

And then thing turn really grim!!

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats, Jean! What a great excerpt - and I really love the cover. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Thanks, Tina....