Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Writing Series

I've been writing series for some time now. The reason is pretty clear. I  start with a family usually, and before I know it I'm writing each family member's story. Now granted my contemporary series is all short contemporary romance. But I didn't realize that the category of short contemporary romance is sort of a past category.

At one time, which shows my age, short contemporary romance reads was very popular.

What I didn't realize is that the short contemporary isn't a category any longer.

Anyway, The Travers Brothers was born. Starting with Chief Cook and Bottle Washer, Courting Abby, Hannah's Man, and Along Came Love.

This series started my series writing. I learned to like it, because in each book I wrote I had some kind of family member that I enjoyed and wanted to expand on. What a lot of people don't know is that The Travers Brother's Series has another book coming, unexpected, yes, but someone suggested it and then other did, so now I'm almost done with Avalanche of the Heart, Book 5 of the Travers Brothers.

Men of the Northwest is a combo of the Amory's family men. Another box set. This set is complete and I don't look to add to it.

Family Ranch is the McKay's books. Four in all, and it is complete too.

What I'm driving at is a series is usually inspired by something. Mine was family. I wasn't doing it for money, I was doing it because I loved the brothers. In the McKay's it is sister's thought I'd try that out.

Now I've branched out and created The Red River Valley Brides Series, historical western series. From that was born the Brides of the West Series, which you will be seeing a lot of next year.

I have one series that isn't connected with romance, it's called The Western Serial Killer's Series. This is a category book between horror and mystery. I haven't finished this series and I'm not sure how many books will be in it.

Series books are written for many reasons. But usually it's because characters are created that makes the reader curious as to what happens to them.

Series is fun, and it is more fulfilling in some ways as it completes the characters created in the first book.

I hope everyone tries their hand at writing a series. Once you get started, it's hard not to continue. Trust me.

Hope you enjoy them.

Rita Hestand


Tina Donahue said...

What a great group of box sets, Rita!
Thanks for offering them to your readers. What a treat. :)

Fiona McGier said...

LIke you, I've written a couple of series because I just couldn't stop with the main characters from the first book. The minor/supporting characters began to "talk" to me, and I had to tell their stories as well. Plus you get a glimpse of what happens in the lives of the previous heroines/heroes, AFTER their happily-ever-after book ending. When I get fond of characters, I really want to know what comes next.

Redameter said...

Sorry, I've been sick again. This year has had me down a lot and I'm trying to muddle through it and survive. Had to see several doctors before I had the knee replacement surgery, and now my thyroid is out of whack and can't sleep.

Yes, these box sets will be on sale for a month for $1.99 then the price goes up. So if anyone is interested get your copies now.

Characters do speak to you Fiona, and when they do, we have to answer and write their story.

Once I started series writing I found it hard to not continue on. But I don't like to see a series drag on and on forever. I think there is a stopping point too.

Thanks for the lovely comments. Now off to the doctor again!
Love and blessings