Sunday, October 19, 2014

The Vampires We Love

It's October and that means Halloween. That also means a new vampire movie is out. If you haven't seen Dracula Untold I suggest you add it to your list. The story of Vlad Dracula hasn't been this hot in years.

I really enjoyed this movie and love that the writers set it up for a sequel. October 2015 should be an interesting month. But if you can't make it to the movies, there are other vampire movies that are available for at home viewing.

Bram Stoker's Dracula -- The movie that made me realize that Gary Oldman is HOT. What is it about playing Dracula that does that to a man?

Dark Prince: The True Story of Dracula -- Rudolf Martin, another hot guy bringing our favorite vampire to life. Fun fact, he played the same character in Buffy: The Vampire Slayer Season 5, Episode 1 "Buffy vs. Dracula." I guess the execs thought he looked so good in the makeup that they invited him to reprise his role... or something. Good call because that was a great episode.

Van Helsing -- Hugh Jackman didn't play Dracula. That was Richard Roxburgh's role but both men looked damn good in this movie.

And let's not forget Gerard Butler in Dracula 2000. I know I can't forget it. Loved him in that role.

Not a Dracula fan? I forgive you and to each their own. There are still more vampire movies to enjoy that don't involve the dark prince -- Blade, Blade II, Underworld, Underworld: Awakening, Once Bitten, My Best Friend is a Vampire, The Breed, Ultraviolet... and so on. Pick a vampire to cuddle up with this Halloween.

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Have a safe and happy Halloween.

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Tina Donahue said...

Dracula Untold looks good - I can't wait to see it. :)