Friday, October 31, 2014

A Cotillion Christmas

We should probably be talking about spooky stuff today, but I wouldn’t have a clue where  to begin. Sorry!

Earlier this year, Ellora’s Cave announced the gradual phasing-out of their Blush line, under which are the Cotillion Regencies. As I understand  it, there may be a few more (previously contracted) books issued, but only in the Blush line itself, which includes slightly more sexy books than traditional Regencies. Sadly, that means that this year’s batch of Cotillion Christmas stories will be the last of the line, as well.  So, here they are, one last time, for your delectation!

Christmas Fete  Barbara Miller released October 15, 2014
     When Dinah’s father inherits an estate, he decides 
she and her brother must go settle the matter. They 
arrive to find the place in need of much repair—and 
holiday spirit. As Dinah plans a cheerful fete for 
Christmas in hope of winning over the locals, she 
finds herself winning over someone else as well—
Richard, the handsome man who lives next door.    
     Richard never expected to meet someone like 
Dinah—a woman who is headstrong and decisive. 
A woman he could spend his life with. Unfortunately, 
Richard needs a Christmas miracle to extricate 
himself from a  tricky obligation.
     If it’s a miracle he needs to be free, Dinah is deter-
mined he’ll get it—that way they can spend their Christmas fete together and everyone can enjoy their happily ever afters.

Her Very Major Christmas: Saralee Etter  October 23, 2014

   Young widow Rosalind Joslin has dedicated herself to
helping others to get over her grief -- she's skilled in making healing lotions and salves, jellies and candies. Raised in India, she's always longed to experience a proper English Christmas with holly and the traditional feast and Christmas pudding.
    Rosalind's late husband's cousin, Major Harry 
Joslin, is recovering from the wounds he received at Waterloo -- wounds both physical and emotional. A career soldier, he's also dealing with a sudden inheritance: His cousin died unexpectedly and now he has a title and all the trimmings.
     They meet for the first time during this Christmas season, and discover both love and healing.

Size of the Scandal  Jillian Chantal, released October 30, 2014
     Charlotte Greystone can’t seem to stay out of 
trouble. When her father betroths her to a man she 
hasn’t seen in almost ten years, she runs away. 
Never mind that it’s days before Christmas and she 
has no survival skills.
     When she’s almost crushed by hunters on horse-
back, a handsome man on a black stallion comes to 
her rescue. Not thinking of the scandal of being alone 
with a strange man, she allows him to assist her in 
returning to her home.
      The next day, Charlotte is appalled when the butler 
announces her betrothed—the same man she shared a 
horse with the day before. Terrified he will tell her father of her behavior or cause an even bigger scandal by breaking off the engagement, Charlotte is knocked off-kilter—and stays that way as she spends the hours until Christmas 
trying to understand the man.

                It's Never Enough by Cynthia Moore, November 6, 2014.   

    Lady Selina Durwood has been in love with Lord Robert Crestor since she was a young girl. As the years passed by and their relationship matured, it was assumed by all who knew them they would eventually marry. But before leaving to join the fight against Napoleon, Robert releases her from any such agreement.
    Invited to spend the Christmas holidays with her parents at Robert’s family’s estate, Selina agrees to attend believing Robert is still stationed with his cavalry in Brussels. But upon entering the kitchen with her maid for a late-night meal, she unexpectedly encounters Robert.
    Through his strange questions and behavior, it becomes   clear to Selina that Robert is quite confused about her feelings for him. Will she be able to convince him that she is the only one for her? With a little help, she just might.

The final story for this year is A Christmas Scheme by Vivien Jackson and Christa Paige, due out on November 13, 2014.

    With her brother’s recent marriage, Kate Avery is no longer required to keep his house or look after their younger sister. She’s free. But for what? Secretly, she wishes for purpose and adventure, but finding it in the dull countryside seems unlikely. And then her brother arrives from London just in time for Christmas...with a visitor from a foreign land.
     A displaced Bengali lord, Kiran now serves the British crown in a covert capacity. Whilst on a mission to deliver a message to the Earl of Withering at his country estate, Kiran accepts an invitation to spend Christmas with the Avery family. He feels out of place and is eager to leave, until he meets Kate, who shares his desire for adventure.
     Caught in a winter storm, Kate and Kiran both must choose between the loyalties they have long held and the unexpected affection that blooms between them.

Enjoy the Cotillion Christmas stories for 2014!

                                                                -- Hetty St. James 



Jillian said...

Thanks for the shout out. Sure am sad to see this be the end of an era. I've gotten the ones out so far and love them - my own included. Lol.

saraleeetter said...

Hi, Hetty! Thanks for the great article!

Tina Donahue said...

What a shame - however, these stories usually return in popularity. I wouldn't be surprised that another publisher announces their line soon. :)

jean hart stewart said...

I hate to see this happening. I took my own Xmas story to Muse, since EC hadn't contracted it yet. I think phasing out sensual is a huge mistake....Jean