Thursday, September 25, 2014

The End

The end.

Probably the two favorite words in an author's vocabulary, right? Except when it comes down to a discussion of the end of life and what happens to our intellectual property.

Our books will outlive us. Some might be discovered some twenty years after our passing by a filmmaker who thinks it would be perfect for a movie. Or your child or grandchild might think a collection of your scribblings and plotting ideas might make an interesting collection. Will they be legally able to do either of these? Where will the money go if they did?

For that matter, who can cash the royalty check that comes in a month after you die? Or withdraw finds from the bank account that receives your royalties?

Those who don't have kids are in more of a need for a will than those who have kids or grandkids, but if you don't have a will spelling out what rights they have to your work and proceeds thereof, you are creating a headache...no, a migraine, for them to deal with.

Neil Gaimon has some advice here. Do yourself and your descendants a favor and take the steps necessary to clarify what you want to have happen to your work when you are gone.

Allow your kids a happily ever after with a bit of preparation now. They'll thank you, if only in their prayers.


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Tina Donahue said...

Great post, Aileen - good advice few of us think of.

Fiona McGier said...

I don't care much for his writing, but this is wise advice. We've had a will for many years and I prepaid for our cremations once my Mother passed on, using part of my inheritance. She and Dad prepaid for theirs and it made things so much simpler when they passed on. No major decisions to make, no caskets to choose, etc. Simple and easy, allowing for me to get on with the grieving.

Now I just have to force myself to make up a living will, then everything will be covered!

Aileen Fish said...

I keep reminding myself but haven't gotten it all set up yet, either.