Friday, September 19, 2014

Life Goes On...

I used to love watching Empty Nest and Golden Girls when they played back to back. I doubt I was the target audience at the time but I absolutely loved both shows. I still catch episodes of Golden Girls whenever I'm flipping the channels and come across it.

Why the theme from Empty Nest? Because that's how I'm feeling this month. From the start of August until now, things have been hectic with moving from Hawaii back to Maryland. Yes, yes, we moved to Maryland from Hawaii. No I don't miss Hawaii. The weather -- yes. The island where everything cost more and the answer to getting certain products was online ordering with really high shipping -- no. I went from $4.08 gas to $3.29 gas. I went from cups of Chobani that cost $1.28 per to $0.89 per. Enough said.

I figured after cleaning the house in Hawaii, packing up me and the cats, and flying to Maryland would be the end of the hectic. I was totally wrong. My house, which had a tenant and a fire back in Aug 2013, isn't done with renovations. I'm currently living in my finished basement until the hardwood floor in the living room and on the stairs is redone.

Being in the house is great but the hubby and I keep finding things wrong. My Facebook statuses are full of everything that's been happening since I landed in Maryland on 29 August. It's wearing on my normally upbeat nature. Okay. Upbeat might be exaggerating a little but I tend to be more on the smiley side of things. But, as the song said, "life goes on." I'm doing what I can and trying to ignore what I can't so I can get back to writing. I haven't written anything since early August. That's a really long time for me to go without when I'm not taking a break to recharge.

"Life goes on" and "This too shall pass" seem to be my mottoes for the foreseeable future.

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Tina Donahue said...

Hope life settles down for you soon, Zenobia. I have to admit, when I read the Hawaii to Maryland part, I thought - "Wow, bummer."