Sunday, September 14, 2014

Family Matters The Travers Brothers Series

I put together a box set for The Travers Brothers series. It was my first attempt at it. I hope you enjoy this set. I've set the price in an ebook for $1.99. This price will remain for at least a month after it is released. It is due for release on Oct. 15. So be looking for it.

Family Matters found it's title from the actual stories. This is a family of men that live n the 4 Bar None Ranch.

The first story (Chief Cook and Bottle Washer) concerns Deke, the oldest son on the ranch. He runs the place since his father took sick. He's in dire need of a cook and housekeeper as his old one ran off and got married. So when he runs into Emma and she's about to get fired from her cook job at Bertha's, he nabs her and hires her himself. Emily is running away to save her baby. Actually, Sammie Jo is not her child, she was inherited from her dead cousin. But Emma isn't sure of her legal stance and is afraid the grandparents of the child will want to claim her. Determined to keep Sammie Jo, and raise her as her own, Emma fights to keep her secrets.

The Second Story (Courting Abyy) is Clint's. Clint is the wild son of the bunch. He's all rodeo and has been for some time. That is until he gets hurt bad, and has to lick his wounds and go home. Going home isn't as easy as he thought it would be. He has to face Abby the girl he left behind. His best friend. Until he compromised her, they had been inseparable, but one night together ruins that. Now years later, she's home and with a real surprise for Clint, his son!  Clint always loved Abby, but her father kept them apart. Now her father was dead, and he wanted to claim her and his son. He wanted to make them the family they always should have been. But first, he has to court Abby back into his life.

The third story (Hannah's Man) finds the baby of the family, Rusty becoming a hero and saving Hannah  O'Leary's ranch. Rusty reluctantly puts up his prize breeding stock as collateral for Hannah. But to insure she doesn't just take the money and squander it, he sticks around to make sure she does the right thing. Of course he never had any idea he'd fall for Hannah because he'd lost the girl of his dreams already. But Hannah was a surprise and suddenly the good deed isn't what's important any longer.

The fourth story (Along Came Love) Jake has passed the bar exam, a feat that has taken him some years to accomplish. Naturally his family expects him to go into practice with the local law firm in Sweetwater. But Jake has other ideas. Problem is, how does he tell his family that law is no longer what he wants in life. And Samantha is a surprise he never expected.

I hope everyone enjoys the four part series. Just to let you know. Because of so many requests, I am writing one more sequel to this, Avalanche of the Heart. This will be Sammie Jo's story. So stay tuned for its release, probably first part of next year or sooner. Get your e-copy reserved for Family Matters: The Travers Brothers Series!

Rita Hestand


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your boxed set, Rita! I love the premise - can't wait to read. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I'm glad you have each of the brothers finding their own woman to love! I can't understand the appeal of the stories that expect us to believe that 2 or more brothers would agree to share ONE woman! My boys wouldn't even share their toys when they were kids! I doubt they'd feel any differently about sharing a woman they'd love.

Congrats on such a great-sounding group of stories.

Redameter said...

Thanks Fiona. The Travers Brothers has been one of my best sellers of all time. And there's a story behind it. I had writers block before I wrote Chief Cook and Bottle Washer. I really did. So I sat down in my recliner and asked God that if I was truly a writer, why couldn't I come up with anything. And the story came to me before I got out of the chair. I reasoned it through and thought, yeah, that's great. Then after including more brothers in the story, I realized I couldn't leave the brothers hanging for their stories. So the series was born. No, I don't get the sharing at all. I know that there are those that do, but to me, it isn't something that would happen like you say. I guess I'm too much a realist. I must be, I can't write fantasy. Never could. LOL
To me it speaks of shallow relationships, where there is no real love, but rather lust. But that's my opinion. I know they sell to some crowds like pancakes.