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Alphas so bad, they had to be Good

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Alphas so bad, they had to be Good 

For today's topic I wanted to talk about bad boys in books, specifically the ones that you really want to reach out and smack because they're so bad. It's no secret that many women prefer the 'bad boy' persona, but what about the jerks? What about those bad boys you can't stand, but yet can't help from wanting? Those are the ones you really have to look out for because in their own 'bad' way they are slowly working themselves into your subconscious and dare I even say, your deepest fantasies...

Do you have a favorite alpha that was so bad you just knew he had to be good? 


Here's a peek at one of mine, Adam Collins, the bad boy Navy SEAL who everyone loved to hate, but couldn't get enough of in Sweet Vengeance.


Adam watched her, and studied her face as it became flushed while her lower lip trembled. He wanted to laugh. The little minx who stood before him, yelling at him, was scared. She was trying to give the appearance of being tough and in control, but she was actually afraid of him.

“Why are you smiling? Do you think it’s funny to almost hit someone with your…your…ridiculously fast car?”

This time, he did laugh. He couldn’t help it. “Ridiculously fast?” He doubled over in hysterics. “You’re a fine one to talk, lady. What do you call that Charger sitting over in your driveway?”

He saw she was about to open her mouth to argue but must have thought better of it because she abruptly shut it. He was right, and she obviously knew it.

“What’s wrong, honey? Cat suddenly got your tongue?” He rested his forearm on the door frame and leaned into her, placing him only inches from her face, her eyes, and her mouth.

Her eyes widened at his close proximity. She took in a breath and seemed to almost swoon. He was never much of a cologne guy, but women in the past had always told him how good he smelled.

Adam was enjoying tormenting her. He found it quite the boost he needed on such a crappy morning to know that he was stirring her emotions up so much she couldn’t speak.

They both stood there, staring at one another, until Chelsea looked away. She made a cursory glance around the room before he touched her chin with his thumb and forefinger, forcing her gaze to return to his.

“What was that you were saying? You wanted a ride in my car?” He whispered the words to her, his lips almost touching hers as he spoke.

“I…um…” She tripped on her words.

He smirked up one side of his mouth at her nervousness.

“Well…I’m waiting. You want to take a ride in my car, sugar?” He used his thumb to brush across her cheek as he whispered the words to her even quieter than before.

Her discomfort seemed to turn to annoyance when she responded by reaching up and slapping his hand away, pulling herself away from him. “I am not your sugar.” She quickly turned on her heel and started to walk down his front porch steps.

“Hey, sugar?” Adam called to her in a mocking tone.

Chelsea quickly spun around to face him. “What?” she snapped.

Adam walked out the door and leaned over his porch railing down at her. “I was just wondering what you came over here for in the first place. Was it just to borrow a cup of sugar?”

She just shook her head at him. “Just slow down, speed demon? I’d like to live to see my next birthday, okay?”

Adam grinned at her, liking the way she was nervous but trying to remain assertive. “Are you sure that’s what you want?”

She glared at him. “No, thank you. I am quite sure that all I need from you is to just slow down and stop trying to run me over with your car every chance that you get.”

He watched her for a moment as she did the same to him. “Okay, I’ll slow down.”

“Thank you.”

She turned to leave and was nearly across his portion of the lawn that connected their two properties when he stopped her.

“Just so you know, though, I do like to go fast.”

Chelsea turned her head and looked back at him. “Duly noted.”

She then headed toward her car. Once behind the wheel, she reached over to close the door when her hand met with denim.

She looked up at him as he was leaning down and surrounding her, invading her personal space. The look of surprise on her face looked incredibly sexy.

“What? she asked in a curt tone.

He chuckled when she blushed after realizing her hand was touching his inner thigh.

“You sure have a problem with getting your thoughts out, don’t you?”

“No, I don’t. What do you want?” Her tone was filled with her anger.

He laughed at her spunkiness. “Nothing. I don’t want anything, at least not right now. Remember, though, I told you I liked to go fast.” With that being said, he moved away from her door and closed it.

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jean hart stewart said...

Love excerpts that make you drool and want more! Great come on, girl!

Tina Donahue said...

Great excerpt, Nic! I love bad boys that are cherishing besides being commanding. :)