Monday, September 8, 2014

All Moved In With Tons Of New Places To Write

I’m all moved into my new place, or the best I can be in a month. I’m still sorting through some boxes, and looking for a few things, but all and all I’m moved in.

Moving has definitely taught me a few lessons, both during the moving process and after. Now that I’m actually settled in, I can’t believe how much stuff I have that I don’t need. I wrote several blogs about decluttering and donating items you don’t need. I thought I’d done a lot of that before I moved, but shifting things into a new space, it was amazing how many more things I found that I didn’t even know I had. Another two bags have ended up at goodwill since I moved in. Followed by almost as much trash. It’s crazy that I kept this stuff so long, but it wasn’t due to needing the stuff or even wanting it, it was merely crammed in a cabinet somewhere where no one could see it.

While finding these hidden gems it got me thinking about my writing. I have a bunch of works that have been sitting on my hard drive, all in various levels of completion. Just like the items in my cupboards, these stories have been shoved aside, pushed into the back corner and forgotten. But unlike the chipped mugs and old candy jars hiding in my cabinets, each one of these forgotten children deserves to find a home. So for the next few months (until nanowrimo time that is, because I love writing something brand new for nano) I’ll be working on completing these stories and getting them out of my digital cabinet into the world. Already I’ve completed one first draft of a short story that’s been sitting on my hard drive for over a year.

I’ve also learned from this move, just how set in my ways I am. Over the years I’ve become very used to doing everything a certain way. From knowing where everything is at the grocery store, to finding the brands that I’m used to, to even knowing how to get where I need to go (my GPS has definitely been getting a work out since my move). It’s been eye opening to see how stuck I was in my usual routines, and as a result how I limited my life.

The same is true of my writing. A long time ago I unknowingly decided that I couldn’t write a certain kind of story, that I didn’t want to invest myself in certain types of characters. That I wanted to stick to similar ideas and topics in my writing. It wasn’t a conscious decision, but more something that’s happened over time. I got used to the types of stories I told, the type of characters I gravitated towards, and didn’t necessarily branch out from what I knew. I’ve enjoyed every story I told and don’t regret a single one of them, but it’s never stopped the other ideas from sneaking up on me and trying to cut their way in.

With all that other changes I’ve been making personally, now seems a good time to reevaluate what stories I want to tell and maybe try something new.  I’ve already had some inspiration that normally I would have pushed aside, I would have told myself wasn’t the type of thing I write and I shouldn’t invest in. But this time I’m not going to just push it aside. I’m going to evaluate if the idea is viable. I’m going to make a point of push myself to try new stories, new characters, and new themes.

Only time will tell how these new ideas will work out for me. But I hope you’ll all stay tuned to see what comes of this change in my life. But I can guarantee you one thing, the stories will definitely be hot.

Is there anything new you’d want to try and haven’t? Leave me a comment and we can push each other to try something new.


Ashe Barker said...

Good luck in your new home, and with your new inspirations.

I moved house nearly thirty years ago and still have stuff in boxes in my loft. At least you've got rid of yours

Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your new move, Willa. I've moved so many times that U-Haul should be my middle name. :)

Willa Edwards said...

Thank you Tina and Ashe. Its been crazy, and a huge adjustment, but definitely enlightening.