Saturday, August 9, 2014

Wow, that was quick!

On June 15, Loose Id accepted my male/male contemporary novel Last Chance Tattoo. It's a follow-up to my March Loose Id release I Should Tell You, featuring a main character who was mentioned in passing in ISTY.

Rad Morris has returned home, defeated, to Ludington, Michigan, after failing to build a drag career in Boston. In Ludington, he's faced with having to avoid his closed-minded family members while protecting the grandmother who is letting him stay with her.

Dorsey Bellamy moved to Ludington three years ago after leaving Detroit in the wake of his lover's murder. A tattoo artist, Dorsey is great at his work, but keeps to himself.

When Rad and Dorsey meet, the heat is instant, but opening their hearts to each other will take a while.

Originally, Last Chance Tattoo was slated for a September 2 release, but I was informed this morning that it will instead be released August 12! As I type this, I don't have cover art yet, and I'm writing this post in advance (it's actually July 31 right now) because I'm going to be away from August 4-9. So if I receive cover art before this post goes live, I'll share; otherwise, I'll put it up in September's post.

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Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your super-fast releases, Karenna! That's awesome and well-deserved. :)