Saturday, August 16, 2014

What's Your Idea of the Perfect Vacation Spot?

It's still summer vacation time, but school starts soon.  Here's a fun quiz:

1--When you have some vacation days, what's your idea of the best place to spend them?
A) In a bustling big city like Chicago, New York, DC, L.A, etc.
B) In an area known for whatever sport you enjoy doing, like mountains for skiing, oceans for surfing and snorkeling, at a ranch for horseback riding, etc.
C) Where-ever your family and/or friends that you don't get to see often, live.
D) As far away as possible from crowds of people.
E) Staying at home, a stay-cation is best.

2--What do you look forward to doing on your vacation?
A) Shopping, dining out, going to the theater and/or concerts.
B) Going to places of cultural interest, like museums, and to historically-important places to expand your understanding of the past.
C) Doing the sports activities that you enjoy, including those that test your limits and challenge you to get better.
D) Doing quiet, relaxing activities like reading, fishing, or hiking in the woods.
E) Spending time with people you care about, that you don't get to see often.

3--Where do you like to stay?
A) In 5-star hotels.
B) In comfortable cabins or bed and breakfasts.
C) In the homes of friends or relatives.
D) In a tent or an RV.
E) In your own bed at home.

4--Are you interested in traveling to other countries?
A) Yes
B) Maybe to Europe.
C) The more exotic the country, the better.
D) No
E) Only to where there are relatives to stay with.

5-- Do you prefer to travel:
A) Alone
B) With a spouse or significant other
C) With one or more close friends
D) With your family
E) Don't like to travel.

6--Do you prefer to travel:
A) By airplane, since it's faster and gets you to where you want to go quickly
B) By train or bus, so you don't have to drive and can relax and enjoy the scenery and the ambiance.
C) By car with someone else driving, so you can enjoy the scenery, read and nap.
D) By car with you driving as much as possible.
E) Day trips only, then go home at night.

The view from our campsite.
We just got back from our version of a great trip, driving up to Grand Marais, Minnesota again.  We always enjoy crossing over the long bridge that takes you from the town of Superior on the Wisconsin side, to Duluth on the Minnesota side.  The drive along the north shore of Lake Superior is scenic and enjoyable.  After passing lots of vacation and skiing resorts, we arrive in Grand Marais, a quaint, artsy and touristy town with a peninsula that has a lighthouse on the end of it, and beaches on both sides, with tiny pebbles instead of sand.  There are a lot of hotels and restaurants in town, but we buy groceries then drive to the end of town and head north for an hour along the Gunflint Trail into the Superior National Forest, heading up into the Sawtooth Mountains.  There are more fishing and skiing resorts along the way, as well as federal park campgrounds. This year we stayed at the federal park campground at the end of the road that's literally called Trail's End.  We had a great site with a ledge to sit and read on, while watching the loons dive for fish, and a footpath that led to Gull Lake, where we kept our canoe tied to a tree.  Our kids got the rare treat of seeing a moose stumble out of the brush next to a campsite, then wander off into the woods on the other side. We hiked a few trails, picked wild raspberries and blueberries (enough for a blueberry pancakes breakfast) and read a lot of books.  We played  cards after dinner each night, then enjoyed star-gazing while sitting around our campfires.

I like the area up there so much I set my romance novel up there, For The Love Of His Life, in which an egotistical action movie star falls in love with the area, as much as with the local woman who first tells him she can't believe anything he says because as an actor, he "lies for a living."


My books are available at all of the usual outlets, but during August, this eBook is now on sale at coffeetime romance for half-price: $3.48!


All of my answers are D.  What about you?  What do you like to do?


jean hart stewart said...

interesting quiz. It became clear to me that now I'm older I no longer enjoy the rustic. A five star hotel for me, Please...

Tina Donahue said...

Great quiz, Fiona. I'm with Jean. I want a 5-star hotel with lots of pool boys, preferably hot ones. :)

Fiona McGier said...

That's how my Mom raised me--she thought she was "roughing it" if the hotel only had an outdoor pool and not an indoor one also. She'd sit in the hotel room, look out the picture window, and say, "Look at those trees! Now where are we going out to eat?"

Husband took me camping when we first started dating, and I've been hooked ever since. I guess you either really like it, or you don't.