Thursday, August 7, 2014

The After Vacation from Hell!

I promised to post pictures from our vacation and I will.  We had a great time.  Tubing on the Comal River is so relaxing.  But let's back up for a moment.  We had drama before we even got down there.  One of my husband's uncles had to have his appendix out before the reunion even started.  Oh yes...thank goodness they caught it.

Then we leave for Lindale the following Thursday!  Home at last.  Had BBQ at the world famous Black's in Lockhart.  Highly recommend it and its worth the price.  Get home and I'm there for 3 days and then my mom calls me.  She needs me to come to Dallas.  My dad has been admitted into the hospital for a possible stint in his heart and then a pacemaker.  In Dallas from Tuesday until Friday.  Dad is doing awesome now so this is great news.

Brian chilling out on the river.  Note the earplugs.  :)
Meanwhile, Brian (son) is with his other grandparents having a great time until, he gets an ear infection.  *sigh*  My MIL took him to the doctor on Friday and got him checked out and with meds.  Thad and I were scheduled to pick him up the next day, so we are thinking no big deal.  WRONG!!!  Huge deal.  Brian's right ear was swollen, he could barely open his mouth to eat much less talk.  Plus, I've never seen him in so much pain.  So on Sunday, we drove from Southeast Texas (Port Arthur) to Children's Hospital in Plano, TX to the ER.  Good thing we did.  After a CT scan, we found out that he had fluid in his check and his ear canal was completely shut.  The one good thing was that its not an inner ear infection so no tubes.  But the outer ear infection is worse...in my book.  Now we are dealing with the bones behind the ear and face.

He wanted me to take his picture in the ER.  Note the infusion machine.  
Needless to say, Brian was admitted Sunday night for an infusion of heavy antibiotics.  They worked and we were given ear drops and more antibiotics for home.  We got home around 3 pm Monday and needless to say, I'm exhausted.  Not just physically but emotionally too.  Between my dad and Brian, I've been through the wringer.

I'm way behind on blogging/reviewing, not to mention the writing that I had planned on doing while Brian was away.  I am counting my many blessings that both Brian and my dad are on the mend.  Just need to sleep for a couple of days but that won't happen.  Still have follow up appointments with his doctor this week and then the big follow up with his Ear, Nose and Throat doctor next week.  Did I mention that school starts on the 25th and I haven't bought school supplies yet?  Not to mention clothes to get him started?

So if you see me on Facebook or groups, it will be a miracle.  I'm only one person on the blog and my family is more important.  Plus, during all of this I've accepted a position (Non paying) with a publisher and I still continue to work as an Editorial Intern for Entangled Publishing.  Busy, busy.  Something's got to give and pretty sure I know what it is.  It will sadden me but it needs to be done.

Because once school starts...its a brand new ballgame.  Scouts, football games, Wednesday church, etc. will happen.
Brian in his hospital room.  Note his Kindle is NEVER far from him.  :)


Tina Donahue said...

Wow - you guys have been through a lot. Glad it turned around for you. :)

jean hart stewart said...

So sorry, what a bad time for you. Sincerely hope it stays better. Jean

Fiona McGier said...

Aw honey, I read your post on romance bloggers today, so I know what you're hinting at. I'll really miss you as a reviewer, since you were always on my side! At least when I sent you books, I knew they'd be read!

But you have to make the best choices for you and your career and family. I wish you nothing but the best, and all of the love you can handle.

BTW, my 3rd son was 20 19 when he got an ear infection WHILE we were on vacation. Yup, there we are in the middle of BF-nowhere, with the town over an hour from the campground, and the only business in town a gas station/grocery store/laundromat/hardware store. We found a clinic, got some ointment for an outer-ear infection, and thought we were done. Then at the next town, he claimed it was like mallets were pounding his head from the inside. Waited for 2+ hours in the ER of the local hospital until some poor man having a heart attack got air-lifted in a helicopter to a bigger town, before the Dr. finally saw our son. He had an inner ear infection, got some pills, and was mostly better in a few days. Sorry to hear your son had to be hospitalized. Thank God for insurance, right?

Harlie Williams said...


It turned out that he had a severe allergic reaction to the first set of ear drops. The hospital and our doctor said we were lucky. His ear canal had swollen shut.

Brian is much better now and is restless. LOL! School starts on the 25th. Woot!

Harlie Williams said...


No worries lady! Just because I won't be participating in blog tours doesn't mean that I will stop reviewing all together. I will always review my peeps books. Just won't be a part of a tour anymore. I really learned my lesson being away for almost a month and I don't need the headaches/tension/stress anymore.

Upward and onward. I'm really looking forward to this next phase in my life. :)