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More Drama? Or Less?

I rarely let the muses talk, but today I make the exception! Enjoy Rawiya's post!

Morning everyone. Today I wanted to blog about drama in fiction, most specifically romance since that’s what I write. I was prompted to write this based on a comment from a reader about my free read, Meant to Be for the Love Landscapes event from M/M Romance at Goodreads.

Yes Goodreads, but before you scoff, let me just say writing the book was an awesome experience. I had fun writing the story and since I’m still fairly new, having this many people look at my book was very rewarding.

First, if you’re not familiar with the event, the Love Landscapes is held by M/M Romance group on Goodreads every year. Readers send a picture along with an author asking for certain specifics in writing a story. There are tons of entries and they go very fast. I selected a picture that I knew would be right up my alley.

Here is the picture and if you’d like to read the letter, click here.

Now, for those who know me, the Rawiya muse, I love fluffy stories. Most of my tales have less drama and more of the sensual. I do like to give my characters fits, but usually after the initial hiccup in their relationship, I give them what they want which is a happy ending. Really, it all depends on the characters and these two, Thaddeus and Seth, were already dating and wanted their happiness right away.

So, instead of making it long and drawn out with all kinds of emotional issues, I made it short. I wrote it so my letter writer would be able to see the light at the end of the tunnel. This was supposed to be a positive, feel good story not gut wrenching so, I’ll take my lumps for it being too short and not solving the world’s problems in this book.

And it got me to thinking; does every reader want drama and angst in every story? The answer is no they don’t. One person’s opinion is just that, an opinion. I’m happy people read my stories, but this made me think of that simple adage authors are always told; Write for yourself and if someone wants to read what you wrote, then it’s a double win. Okay, I added that last part myself, but it’s true.

Thankfully there are 3 sides to Sharita Lira. There’s snarky and angsty, BLMorticia, there’s the gay male stuffy muse who loves drama and angst in Michael Mandrake, and then there’s me, Rawiya. This gives Shar the opportunity to write anything her heart desires whether it be fluff and positive to gut wrenching and angsty.

I love some angst myself in my reading, but I prefer not to write it. And if people don’t want to read me because of that, it’s perfectly fine. Me and my characters will enjoy happiness and rainbows in my books and we’re not looking to change that any time soon.

* * * *

Thaddeus and Seth will be getting a longer book but in the meantime, enjoy that free download! Here's another of Rawiya's sensual, sweet m/m books, I Love You Rhett Vorhees!

Blurb: Rhett had a huge crush on Darren McKissick back in elementary school and on Valentine’s Day, he gave him a special valentine. Despite their obvious attraction, Darren rejected it, making everyone in the class laugh at Rhett and cause a rift between the two friends.

Now as adults the two of them have found one another again through an internet dating site. Rhett only wants a one-nighter but Darren is looking for something long lasting.

Will this new meeting mean love for two men who haven’t seen one another in over a decade?


“I still can’t believe you found him. Damn, Rhett Vorhees?” Darren McKissick’s best friend and former lover, Terrell Witherby, sounded very surprised by Darren’s admittance.
Darren’s grin stretched the length of his face as he added three sugar cubes to his coffee. “Yep, I cannot believe it either.” He changed the phone from one shoulder to the other. “Like I said before, when I saw his moniker on SGM.com, RV1990 and then the face, I noticed the face; the high cheekbones, the bushy eyebrows, and the freckles. He really hasn’t changed much since grammar school. He’s deep in the closet though.”
“Well, that’s too bad. Man, you sure you wanna deal with that? And hey, at least you know he’s still alive, so you can stop babbling about him. You done carrying around that valentine card and picture too now, bro? I’m sure both are starting to look worse for wear, right?”
Darren eyed both items he’d saved for a while sitting in a drawer to his left. The red valentine was more of a burgundy than the bright red it used to be when “Rhetta” gave it to him. The white lace surrounding it crumpled from being moved and was yellowed on the edges due to too little sunlight and lots of handling. And the picture, though in better shape, had been folded more times than Darren could remember. All through high school and college, he carried the picture with him of the kid who was a child genius.  Despite both articles looking more like artifacts that should be in a scrapbook, he wouldn’t leave the house without them. “Nope, not gonna get rid of either. I’m going to keep them with me, so when we finally get together permanently, I’ll be reminded of how lucky I am. Damnit, Terrell, it means we were destined to be together, right?”
Silence then a deep sigh came through the receiver. “Damn, you sure are a freaking sap, Darren. I used to love that about you back in the day though. You sure you weren’t a woman in your former life, man?”
Darren laughed and sat up straight at his desk, eyeing the folders he’d been staring at for the last couple of hours. He’d come in early to try getting some work done but instead, he could do nothing but think about Rhett and how much he wanted to be with him forever and always. “Maybe. What I do know is I want Rhett to understand that I mean business. I sent some flowers over to his job; anonymously of course, since he’s still in the closet, and I got a bouquet ready for him when he gets back home.”
Terrell chuckled, “Heh, ah Darren, you’re pouring on, aren’t you? You’re not gonna let him get away that easily, hmm? Just don’t suffocate him, okay? I mean, he’d be a fool to turn you down after you’ve been thinking about him for years on end.  Still, be careful, all right? Don’t invest all your time and energy into this man when he isn’t ready. Don’t fall in love quickly, Darren, please? I’d hate to see you fall and not able to pick yourself back up.”
Darren picked up a sharpened pencil sitting on his desk and twirled it with his fingers. He swallowed hard and looked back at the picture of Rhett wearing his cap and gown on graduation day.  Just looking at the man made his heart skip a beat, same as it had when he chose to wear a kilt instead of a suit during the ceremony. His parents always did encourage him to stand out and be himself no matter what anyone else said. “I’m afraid I already have, T−I’m in love with this man, and I have been for years.” Darren leaned back in the chair and tossed the pencil across the room. “And I’m gonna do everything I can to convince him that we’re meant to be.”

About the Author: RAWIYA is the more sensual erotica writer in the BLRawiya duo. She loves multiracial characters who overcome obstacles other than race. Sweet, sassy, and spicy would be the best way to describe her work. Happily married mother of two, loves music, computers, and travel.

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Tina Donahue said...

What a great post, Rawiya. I like fluffy stories and those with angst. Guess I'm all over the board. :)

jean hart stewart said...

It's a pleasure to read some lighter stuff once in a while. good for you for doing what you enjoy,,,

S.Lira said...


I like them both too. This muse just likes the fluffy though.

:) Thanks as always for commenting!

S.Lira said...


Thx so much for always giving me your thoughts!