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Cover Reveal: Wine Service by Zenobia Renquist

Musa Publishing has recently introduced their new erotica imprint -- Eros. I was invited to be part of this new venture (my first invite) and was eager to get a story submitted in time for the launch. I made it just in time.

The backdrop for my title is a five-star hotel in an unknown town. If a hotel similar to the one I described exists, then that is purely accidental since I used elements from different locales to create my fictional setting.

The koi ponds mentioned in the below excerpt come from the Ala Moana Mall in Honolulu, Hawaii. The mall boasts many koi ponds with big beautiful koi in all colors in the median areas of the pedestrian walkways. Of course said ponds come with signs not to feed the fish or toss in coins, but you know how people are.

I used the floor plan for a five-star hotel in New York City as the basis for the setup of my fictional hotel just to get a general idea of the layout. And I borrowed the sensory memories of the fountain in the West Chester Marriott (home of the Reader-Author Get Together) lobby as well. All of it together created my hotel.

Wine Service by Zenobia Renquist
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Wine Service by Zenobia Renquist

She offers satisfaction above and beyond what is requested.

Lexie's job as a housekeeper at a five-star hotel doesn't normally include the unique and risqué form of room service that important hotel guest Mr. Malena has requested, nor the generous tip he's offered. Lexie can't resist, and what should have been a one-time thing turns into an introduction into the sensual world of customer satisfaction. She finds much enjoyment in her "work," but is it worth risking her job?

[Contemporary Erotica, MF, MFM, light BDSM]

**Spicy Excerpt**

At the lobby, Mr. Dani waited for everyone to exit before he led her out. In a low voice, he said, “Here we go.”

The sunshine from the skylight heated Lexie’s skin. Fresh, cool air wafted over her exposed body. A breeze played with the edge of her shirt, rippling it over her taut nipples. She stood straighter with her shoulders pushed back. The pearls attached to her nipples swayed as she walked. Each step took her farther and farther into the common area. Mr. Dani didn’t walk quickly. He maintained a sedate pace and stayed relaxed as he escorted her around the room.

People whispered to each other. Some louder than others. The roar of the fountain in the middle of the lounge area drowned out much of it, but Lexie caught snippets here and there. A woman commented on Lexie’s bravery. Another on her lack of morals. A man wished he had a girlfriend like her. Compliments and complaints alike thrilled her.

She inhaled the scent of fresh water with a hint of chlorine. The rushing water that sounded closer with each step indicated where Mr. Dani had led her. More people would be located in the lounge than anywhere else. It served as the waiting area for the hotel restaurant and an easy meeting spot. The wood of the walkway surrounding the pond that the fountain water spilled into made a hollowing clonking noise under her heels.

“Stopping.” Mr. Dani tightened his grip to bring her to a halt. “Face the water and spread your legs.”

She didn’t need his helping hand to know where it was. The koi churned beneath the surface. The hotel highlighted the pond featuring large colorful koi as one of the main attractions. Guests could observe the koi from above on the walkway surrounding the pond or below in the sitting area located in a recess in the floor. The walls of the recess were aquarium glass.

The people in the sitting area could also see the people on the walkway. A sign on either side of the walkway warned women in skirts of the peek-a-boo hazard. Lexie shifted her feet apart more. Someone must be behind her. Why else would Mr. Dani have stopped? Whoever the person was, he or she was getting a perfect view of her pearls. Just like in Mr. Malena’s room, the attention excited her. She widened her stance a little more.

Mr. Dani said, “Afternoon, gentlemen. Lovely view, huh?”

“Very,” one man said.

A group of agreeing murmurs followed. A group. Lexie swallowed. Five, maybe six, different voices met her ears. She was showing her pearl-stuffed sex to complete strangers. A tiny drop of moisture trailed down her leg, and her pussy entrance worked the dildo like a pacifier.

Another man said, “Those are lovely pearls. Your lady friend wears them well.”

“Doesn’t she?” Mr. Dani passed his hand over Lexie’s ass, swishing her skirt. “Ten feet of triple-A, nine millimeter freshwater pearls.”

“Ten feet?” The man whistled under his breath. “Impressive, since I only see a half of foot at the most.”

A third man said with laughter in his voice, “We all know where the rest are.”

The other men chuckled.

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