Friday, July 25, 2014

Timeless Historical Romance - Coming Soon!

We just received the formatted copies of our historical romance boxed set and I am getting so excited for its release!

I am equally excited to be included among these authors. I just got through compiling the advanced praise for our Netgalley listing and just look at the places some of these reviews come from!

Praise for Virginia Ford:  
Virginia Carmichael is a bestselling author of inspirational fiction and a Romantic Times 2012 First Series Romance Nominee.

"Four and a half stars!" RT Book Reviews, Season of Joy.

"Nice to read about a strong woman from this time period. Her ability to overcome her obstacles and stand up for herself was refreshing..." --Amazon reader.

Praise for Keta Diablo:
Sky Tinted Water: "Diablo takes the eternal love of a husband and wife and expertly weaves in the horror of war and death." Our top award, Red Crown Review, Ind'Tales

Praise for Aileen Fish:
“My heart swells at the way love blossoms here. Take a moment and let the lives of Joanna and Mr. Lumley take you away.” ~ Amazon reviewer

Praise for Linda Ford:
I love Linda Ford's books. You will not be disappointed in her work. Never read a Linda Ford book that I didn't love!”

Praise for Sarah Jae Foster:
Sarah Jae's western series has been an Amazon bestseller, going on 10 weeks now.

A Mile Apart -
“Recommended for anyone that enjoys good clean historical romance. ”

"Broken Identity is a powerful story.  I thoroughly enjoyed this book and found it emotional but a good read."

Praise for Regina Scott:
Five Stars!” I enjoyed this enchanting romantic suspense tale which was full of twists and turns throughout. I found this novel hard to put down and was up into the wee hours of the morning reading.” – Affaire de Coeur

“I loved this book. The Colonial Upstart of an earl paired with a lovely art teacher is a brilliant stroke and the writing matches her plot . . . . This is a page turner, and I defy a reader to put the book down until finished.” – Noted Regency author Emily Hendrickson

“Regina Scott’s irresistible characters will win your heart.” – Eloisa James, New York Times bestselling author, on Regina Scott’s Starstruck

Praise for Brenda B. Taylor:
Brenda B. Taylor crafts exciting historical fiction stories about the extraordinary lives of ordinary people. One reader wrote, “Leann and Ralph’s story is simply beautiful. The characters are amazing, each one with their own identity that is so recognizable. Well done.”

Working with multiple authors on a boxed set is complicated, but the results are usually amazing. A beautiful collection of wonderful books.

As a reader, I am growing fonder of boxed sets, especially the ones with full novels. What about you, do you like taking advantage of boxed sets to fill your ereader?

Timeless: Historical Romance Through the Ages releases August 12 at the main ebook retailers.  You can watch for announcements at my Facebook page.


Tina Donahue said...

Awesome set, Aileen - congrats on its release! :)

Aileen Fish said...

Thanks, Tina!

jean hart stewart said...

Wonderful! Congratulations. Jean

Susana Ellis said...

Gave me some great ideas for our Waterloo project!!! Definitely going to pick this one up, Aileen!