Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Switching Genres

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There are so many genres and sub genres in the world of fiction. Contemporary, Historical, Sci Fi, Horror, Romance, Comedy, just to name a few. And what about the sub genres where everything gets mixed together and we as readers and authors can get easily confused? What do they all mean and what interests me most when I’m reading or writing?

With these type of questions you can imagine what it’s like for me who writes and reads in most sub genres of romance. 

Yep, you guessed it.



Something About JaydenM/M
I write erotica romance, contemporary, drama, and paranormal inside of my m/m, m/f, and soon to be f/f fiction. I write characters of different races, ages, religions, meaning I love a lot of diversity in my books. I typically do the same when I read other authors work. I like books that tap into each category, making it more interesting for me when I try to escape real life. Fortunately, I’m usually pleased with my choices and I hope when people read my work they feel the same. However, I wanted to focus on the genre switches between m/m and m/f and how difficult it seems for me to go back and forth.

Recently, I had a story idea to write a het romance for a friend. (book cover above) I’d been telling her I would for weeks and I finally got the story in my head to proceed with the project. To prepare myself, I stopped reading and writing any m/m for the most part and went through three weeks of just reading regular het romances. And due to time constraints, I only read bunches of novellas in that frame so I’d stay on course and not get too engrossed in another author’s work.

Since I was writing a het rock star romance, those are the kind of books I picked up. I enjoyed most of them but I recall how hard it was to get into the first couple of books. I found myself skimming through the pages of sex and getting to the real plot lines and thankful that the stories were only shorts. This had nothing to do with the work of the writers just my own inability to be interested in m/f when I’ve written and read so much m/m.

In the end, I did complete the story and it’s with my betas so I can send it to my editor before self pubbing it. With this experience, I figured if I intend to switch between the genres, I have to read more of each on the regular. I love my gay romances but to write the best m/f’s without feeling odd, I need to read and write more of them.

I wonder is that how many people who write and or read feel about this. Join me Thursday on the NNP blog because I have some unscientific poll results to share with you.  

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Excerpt (unedited)
“Waiting for you…waiting for something to be real…”
The Defiant’s hit tune, Something Real, blared over the car stereo while Lilith Delaney waited to pick up her play nephew from school. “Come on, little boy. It’s fucking, four thirty right now. I need to be at the airport in the next couple of hours.” Lil drummed her fingers on the steering wheel and honked the horn. “Jimmy, really? I’ve got other things to do, little bugger!”
Lil winced and bit her lip, looking between the rear view mirror and the clock on her radio. She had plans this early evening and wondered why the hell she decided to pick up her best friend Delia’s kid from school today. Today of all days when she’d have a chance to meet her favorite musician; well one of them anyways but this one held a special place in her heart. Owen Conroy, lead singer/bass player from The Defiant.
Owen, former bassist from Settle the Score, was sex on wheels to Lilith. Six feet two, blonde, all muscle with the kind of blue eyes you lose yourself in. He was one of the prime reasons Lilith decided to fly solo for all these years instead of saying I do all those years ago.
The other? Lilith didn’t like being tied down. Not when there were so many yummies like Owen walking around. Who wanted to be saddled with kids and a sig other when she had rock bands to follow? She loved the scene way too much and decided to make it her life’s work. Since rock was her passion, she’d thought she might as well get paid for it. Nothing better than making cash off the things you love.
“Ergh, come on little boy before I come in there after ya!” Lilith checked her watch again and flung her hair over her shoulder.
In less than two hours, Owen would be coming through gate C, weary form the long trip across the pond. Hopefully he’d be in a good mood to stop and chat. They’d crossed paths before but she wasn’t willing to go the groupie route to get a piece of him. Besides, at the time of their last meeting, Owen was clearly fighting some demons and Lilith wasn’t willing to get involved when he carried that extra baggage.
Drugs and doing the groupie thing was where she drew the line.
Not even her favorite could convince her to change her mind on that one.


Tina Donahue said...

Great excerpts - I love your wicked imagination. :)

S.Lira said...

TY Tina

jean hart stewart said...

Sounds like the basis of an enticing story...you go, girl

Anonymous said...

I'm writing in a different genre right now and I do read in that genre for a while before I get started. It feels like warming up. Great excerpts.