Friday, July 18, 2014

Dragon & Carpal Tunnel

I probably posted a while ago that I had carpal tunnel surgery on my left hand in December. This hand is it about 97% and still a bit of numbness. But my right hand, and dominant hand is a whole other story. It also had carpal tunnel but wasn't severe as my left hand but I still required surgery on. The same surgeon did the right hand, and now post surgery, the hand is a bust. Who knows what went wrong? Or if it was the surgeon's fault. I could tell though when he was doing it, he was having some trouble a quote from him was "I'm having to dig deeper in this one". Not a good thing here as your surgeon has your hand cut open and knives inside. And yes, I was awake for it. Being real. This image was taken of my left hand 20 days post surgery. It's called a butterfly incision I was told.  
 So now, my hand is twice as bad as before the surgery which means I have to have a second surgery. Where's all this leading? Well as an author I need to type. As a full-time employee I need to keyboard and mouse. I can do none of that. So how am I writing this post? With Dragon software. I'm sure many of you heard of it, the voice recognition software that does the typing for you. You can see my headset under kitty. He sure doesn't make it easy to manage the cords.
My opinion of Dragon? I love it. I doubt I could ever go back to having to type on a keyboard full-time, not because of the pain in my hands which is there, but just simply the speed that I can write at now. Another huge bonus to Dragon is it doesn't make spelling mistakes :-) although it can hear your words a little cockeyed and type something you didn't say. The typo of the century is in the book I'm hoping Harlequin will be publishing in a dual set with my book She Wants It already contracted. In Anything For You, the hero takes the heroine to a bakery and buys a bunch of treats which is placed in a bakery box. He hands the box to her and what should have said "he handed her the box of goodies" was typed by Dragon "he handed her the box of herpes". Perhaps I should've left that for my editor to sort out :-) There's still a lot more to Dragon that I don't know, and have to learn. But, for now I'm delighted with how it works for me.

So, watch for news on my Harlequin release, which should be coming up this fall. Fingers crossed.

RWA! Who's going? I am. So if you're there, I'll be hanging in the bar and would love for you to come up and say hi.

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Fiona McGier said...

Having just recovered from gall bladder removal surgery, I can sympathize with how helpless we feel when our fate is thrust into someone else's hands. Glad that one hand is doing well, but what a bummer that your dominant hand is the one not working! I'm glad that the Dragon system is at least allowing you to continue writing. Keeping my fingers crossed that the second surgery will give your hand its functionality back again.

Tina Donahue said...

Wow - that looks painful, Cristal. Hope you're doing okay.