Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Non-Vampires Loving Like Vampires

Forgive me if the post title makes no sense. I'm on very little sleep and far too little caffeine right now...

But July is the release month for my male/male contemporary novel Love Like Vampires! The book has nothing at all to do with vampires. The title is the name of the band the two main characters, Shane and Thaniel, have run since middle school. It's taken from the name of a real-life song, "We Love Like Vampires," by the band Sparks the Rescue. You can check out more about them and some of their music on last.fm.

I've known a couple of the guys in Sparks for almost ten years. One of them was my kids' day camp counselor in 2006. So when my daughter and I went to one of their shows a couple years ago, we caught up a bit and I asked permission to use their songs in book trailers, etc. The permission was granted, hence my using the song title for the book title.

Though, copyright lecture here, titles CANNOT be copyrighted. I wouldn't need Sparks's permission to use the title of one of their songs. *Lyrics* are a different story; if I used a few-word phrase or even a single line from one of their songs, I would probably be okay. Especially if it's a common phrase like "with every touch," which is a phrase from a Pink song and is also the title of one of my upcoming Ellora's Cave books.

Back to Love Like Vampires. Shane and Thaniel have not only been bandmates since middle school. They've also been best friends since elementary school. And Shane wants more with Thaniel, but believes Thaniel is straight until a kiss outside an afterparty shows otherwise. But they're faced with opposition from some in the music industry about being openly together, and meanwhile, the band might be falling apart.

Love Like Vampires officially releases on July 30, but is already available for pre-order on the Dreamspinner Press website in print and ebook. It's also available for ebook pre-order on All Romance Ebooks.

And today only, as part of their Christmas in July extravaganza, Dreamspinner is offering my male/male fantasy novella Bishie Sparkles for only 99 cents! Yaoi fan Grant never expected to fall for Teruo, the main character of a new manga series--let alone to wake up beside him. Stop by Dreamspinner today to get your 99 cent copy of Bishie Sparkles.


Tina Donahue said...

Congrats on your newest release, Karenna - another great story! :)

jean hart stewart said...

A new release is always exciting.... Much love with this one..