Thursday, July 17, 2014

Book Trailers

Do you watch book trailers?

I wonder since I'm awful at watching videos. I'm so impatient that I can't sit through a YouTube instructional video and will instead search for the text of the steps. However, the few book trailers I've seen, I've liked. It's a visual teaser of the book where you can see the inspiration for characters. If they're too long, say more than a couple of minutes, they've lost me. That impatient streak again. ;)

The one part of my book business I've handed over to my husband is book trailers. He's had training in audio and video recording so why not put those skills to good use? My one requirement--keep them short!

Imagine my surprise when USA Today Books Happy Ever After gave a shout out for the trailer for Rock Me Tonight, a shapeshifter erotic romance that's part of my Underground Encounters series with Ellora's Cave. Wow! I couldn't believe it. My husband created it!

“The trailer for Rock Me Tonight by Lisa Carlisle might be short, but it grabs you right away with the driving beat of the soundtrack. The images are a mix of glimpses of the rock lifestyle and sexy clinches — yum — and then the script draws you in with nerds who become rock stars by night and heroines with secrets. Can we all raise a lighter to this one?”

Here it is if you'd like to take a look. Not bad for only 31 seconds long!

Rock Me Tonight

Third in the Underground Encounters series Lily Everett wants a lover, but won’t consider a permanent relationship, because she harbors a secret she’s certain no one will understand. When she meets the singer of a rock band at an underground nightclub, she’s disarmed by his sensual voice and mischievous good looks. After an icy introduction, Lily warms up to Nico’s charms. A computer geek by day, Nico dons a rock singer persona by night. He’s tired of women pursuing him just because he’s in a band—the sex may be handy, but he wants something more. He’s intrigued by Lily’s reticence. Keeping her emotional distance proves difficult the more Lily uncovers the intelligent, considerate man hiding behind Nico’s bad-boy persona. Their encounters are hot-hot-hot, but Nico wants more from Lily than sex. When Lily lets down her guard and reveals her other side, Nico’s shock destroys their closeness and they both doubt they can overcome their differences.
A Romantica® paranormal/shapeshifter erotic romance from Ellora’s Cave
A Summer Pick by All Romance Ebooks!
A Top Pick by Night Owl Reviews!
The chemistry between Lily and Nico is off the charts. The sex is hot and steamy. They are a great match together in and out of the bedroom. ~ Night Owl Reviews 
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Tina Donahue said...

Great trailer, Lisa!

I'm like you, I can't sit through an instructional video - I want text.

Lisa Carlisle said...

Thanks, Tina!

Jocelyn Dex said...

Cool! I never watch them but now I want to make one. Ha. Tell your husband "good job". :-)