Monday, June 16, 2014

Summer time, and the living is easy...

Quick! Who wrote that song and what musical is it from?
(**Answers at bottom of post.)
My favorite version is the one by Janis Joplin and the Big Brother Holding Company.

Finally school's out which means it's time for me to try to catch up on all of the stuff I tell myself I'll do in the summer.  I don't know if somehow I expect it to be 6 months long this year, but that's how much time I figure I'll need!  I bought the Rosetta Stone Spanish program, all 5 discs, a few years ago, with the idea that I'd work my way through them all and be bi-lingual by the end of that summer.  I made it through 3/4 of the first disc.  I even tried sleeping with them under my pillow, but you have to actually listen to all of them for it to work.  That's on my summer priority list.

Also on my priority list is to start working out regularly again.  I did Jazzercise for about 20 years; I stopped going due to a combination of how much I hate disco, pop music (and country!), and the snootiness of some of the women at the place I went to, I always ended up feeling like everyone's poor cousin.  Every spring they'd spend weeks yakking about where they were going for spring break: "Oh, we aren't going far this year, only to Boco Ratan,", or "Ooh, Hawaii? Here's where we stay on Maui," or "Skiing in Colorado?  When we were there last year we saw Michelle and the girls skiing right before us." (As in Obama.) I've never been able to afford going anywhere warm or otherwise for spring break.  And it wasn't just for spring. Besides, they never did the kinds of music I like: industrial metal, blues...or classical.  So I tried to join other programs.  Curves is the favorite of one of my closest friends...but the music there is pop again, and most of the women there don't even work up a sweat.  They chat about their, you guessed it, vacations...and their grandbabies.  When I'd try to change the subject, they'd listen politely, then go back to their original conversations.  Then I tried joining a real gym, but the only things I know how to use are the treadmill and the stationary bike. And there's an indoor track a couple of miles from here that's free.  I figure to start riding my bike down there, walk at a brisk rate for an hour, then ride home. If I do that 3 times a week, I'll be healthier and I may even lose a few pounds.

Of course, I haven't been able to do any writing during the school year because I took every sub job I was offered and work nights at other jobs.  Working 2 jobs leaves little time to promote, let alone write.  So I've got stories backed up in my head, characters yelling that it's their turn for me to tell their stories, and I've been trying to placate them by saying, "Wait until the summer."  The at-home job-project I've been working on should only last another week at most, so it's time for me to get into writing mode. 

Husband and I will celebrate our 30 wedding anniversary soon.  And we have to make a trip to the Renaissance Faire at least once, since husband and I like to "go nerdy" and dress up in costumes.  Our summer vacation will have us once again camping for 10 days up in Grand Marais, Minnesota (where I've set 2 of my 3 Minnesota Romances)

So as you can see, I really need about 6 months of summer this year.  Can someone speak to someone about arranging that for me?. 

As far as promotions go, as of today I'll be choosing the winner of a free eBook of For The Love Of His Life, from a blog I did about Minnesota. Head to my website and find out where to read an interview with the red-headed biker queen from my second Minnesota Romance, leave a comment back on my website, and I'll choose a random winner to get a copy of Only One Man Will Do.  And I'll be a part of an author's Round Robin on the 28th on my website.

**George Gershwin wrote the song for the musical, Porgy and Bess.


Tina Donahue said...

Wow - you sound so busy, Fiona. Hope you get more time to write in the future. I spin on my stationary bike 40 minutes every day. If it weren't for reading while I was doing so, I'd go nuts. But it keeps me healthy. :)

Fiona McGier said...

Wow, Tina, reading WHILE you are exercising? Sounds like the best of both worlds! I've got to figure something out, and summer is the only time I have time to do it. And busy? "All God's chilluns be busy." So no more than everyone else. I just complain about it more. ;-D

My MIL tells me I should give up this "silly romance writing" and just keep working my 2 jobs. It's so hard to get non-authors to understand why we do it.

jean hart stewart said...

non-authors sometimes day the damnedest things. Somebody should write an blog with a collection if them. Keep writing, girl.

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for the support, Jean! MIL says I should write "history, or something she'd like to read." I tell her to write one herself. I write what my muse gives me, and I've always had the kinds of stories I write milling about in my brain, amusing just me. Now they can entertain my readers too...all 2 or 3 of them.