Sunday, June 8, 2014

Summer Lovin'

I know the idea of romance and summer go hand in hand. And in a book, or even real life, summer can be a great setting for a romantic story. But for me, the summer is not a great romance writing time.  I often suffer a writing slump in the summer time. It’s probably all the bright sunshine and warm days. I just don’t want to spend my time curled up with my laptop when it’s beautiful, bright and sunny outside.

But just because its summer, doesn’t mean the voices in my head will quiet down. The only way I can get them to quiet down is to write. So taking the summer off is not an option for me. This year I’ve come up with a few ideas to help me work writing in around the fun of summer time.

1. Be more organized. I’m trying to write a list every day for what I want to accomplish that day. When I have a list of exactly what I have to accomplish I have a much better shot at getting them done. Having a list not only serves as a constant reminder of what I have to do, but it also allows me to break down my goals into small attainable sections, that will keep me motivated and moving forward.

2. Changing up the schedule. I often don’t want to write after I get home from work. It’s hot, I’m tried and it’s still bright and shining outside. So this summer I’m changing up my schedule. I’m going to get up 30 minutes early every day to write before work. Not only does writing first thing in the morning start my day with a smile, but I’m also more likely to write later on throughout the day, since my characters are stronger in my mind after that morning session. I also will try to write for 30 minutes before I leave work. Since my work is air-conditioned, unlike my house, it’s much easier to sit down at a warm laptop for 30 minutes after my day is done then try to open up my computer at home and try to jot down some words.

3. Leaving time for summer fun. A lot of times, not just in the summer, I expect way too much from myself. This year, I’m going to be scheduling in a few fun trips to enjoy the summer and give myself a break. A nice trip down to the cape. Time for running and enjoying some of my other favorite outdoor activities. Because relaxing and enjoying your life is just as important as cross goals off your to do list.

That’s my plan for this summer. What are your summer plans? Anyone else trying to accomplish a goal this summer? Or do you have any great vacation plans. Let me know, so I can live vicariously through you.


Tina Donahue said...

Great advice, Willa! :)

My summer plans are to stay as cool as I can. I live in Palm Springs and it's HOT. Melt the skin off your bones hot. *sigh*

Fiona McGier said...

Summer is the only time I get time to write! I work 2 jobs during the school year, so I keep the voices in my head quiet by promising them that as soon as school's out, I'm theirs. I'm really looking forward to it, since I've got a couple of very strong stories waiting to be written.

We'll be heading up to camp in northern Minnesota again, to the town I've set 2 books in because I love it that much. So I'm singing Gerswhin's song along with Janis Joplin (my favorite version)--"Summertime, and the living is easy..."