Thursday, June 19, 2014

Back to It and Coding

My vacation (of sorts) was accomplished. I didn't get any reading done because I became obsessed with buying books rather than reading them. I think I almost wore out my Kindle one-click. So I have tons of books to read when I decide I need another break. For now, I'm recharged and already back into the writing game.

Along with writing, I've also been bitten by the revamp bug. I'm giving the book pages on both my websites makeovers. Hopefully this will be the last time I do this (sidenote: I know it won't). The task takes longer and longer each time because my backlist has more books. Yippee for the more books. Ugh when I decide my book pages could be better.

I think this is the writer equivalent of when someone gets the bright idea to rearrange the furniture. Sure it sounds like a good idea at the time. Won't take long at all. Get everything organized and finally clean in those places that haven't been touched in a few months. And then you get started and realize you should have left well enough alone but you've already started and can't leave it half finished. Not to mention putting everything back would take almost as much effort as continuing.

But after suffering through the hard work, the final result is well worth all the grumbling and many sighs. I'm looking forward to the final result part. For now I'm stuck in the long sighs and grumbling and being hunched over my computer and squinting at code as I try to figure out why the thing I copy-and-pasted works on one page but is totally screwing up on another. Don't you just love HTML?

Regardless of the tone you read from my words, I'm glad I can do the little bit of coding that I can. So many authors have to pay for their sites and then pay to upkeep them. I cringe to think how much money would be needed to accomplish my makeover whim. Or maybe, if I had to pay, I would have thought fondly of making a change but bit back the urge when I realized how much it would cost me.

And while time is money to an author, I can't write all day long from the time I wake until the time I go to sleep. There are those few hours after I've written all I can for the day when I have just enough energy left to watch TV and do something monotonous like knit or crochet or code my website.

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Tina Donahue said...

I admire anyone who can code. I wish I was a whiz at computer stuff. Maybe in my next life. :)

Fiona McGier said...

I envy your skills, Zenobia! I use weebly.com because it's a "click and drag" kind of thing so even a doofus Luddite like me can do my own site. It's not as fancy as many others and may lack the "WOW!" factor, but at least I can blog at will, change things around, etc., all easy enough for even me to do it! Good luck in finishing your major project soon!

BTW, my husband has been an engineer for over 30 years, so he's my "tech-support". I love when he gives me the bill of what I owe him in return! ;-D

Tina Donahue said...

LOL, Fiona - I'll bet it's fun to pay that particular bill. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Wow, wish I could do that. I'm a computer nerd and barely get my e-mail done. Oh well....

Zenobia Renquist said...

Tina - It's all thanks to a misspent youth. Back when the Internet was shiny and new and HTML wasn't as complicated as it is now was when I started learning. Over the years I've just been honing my skills.

Fiona - You know, those are the bills I wouldn't mind paying. :P

Jean - I know what you mean about the email. I turn my back for five seconds and my inbox blows up.