Friday, May 2, 2014

Next Release - Something About Jayden

Apparently May is Rawiya's month. I'll have two releases under this pseudonym with a possible third at the very end. She's been busy.

Her next release is a story near and dear to our hearts. A young Hispanic man dedicated to his "madre", admired by a sexy, married advertising executive. Sparks fly but what price will they have to pay to get together?

Something About Jayden comes out May 16th from Amira Press!

Blurb: Isaac Bridges, married, closeted account executive for Denton & Associates is waiting to take over the company from CEO Silas Denton Senior after he forced Isaac’s father to sign the company over while on his deathbed. Standing in the way is Silas Junior and upstart intern Jayden DeMario. Jayden’s beauty, intelligence, and commitment to excellence has wowed Isaac so much that Isaac changed his mind about the importance of vengeance for his dad into the vow to win Jayden’s heart. Will Isaac’s decision backfire, leaving him lonely and thus destroying his career?

Small snippet here
“Hold still, Jayden… ahhh…” Lydia DeMario clicked her teeth and finished tying the neck tie for Jayden. “Better, mi corazon. You look like million bucks, eh?”
Jayden smiled wryly, turning sideways in the glass. He had to admit, the monkey suit looked great on him and since he wanted to make an impression on Mr. Denton, Jayden knew he had to dress appropriately. “I wish I had a million then we could be out of this ratty neighborhood.” Jayden lightly shoved Lydia’s hand away from his shoulders. “I think the suit looks good enough. I don’t wanna be late.”
Lydia rolled her eyes and continued brushing his jacket. “You won’t be. Besides, isn’t it better to be, how do you say, fashionably late instead of super early? Ah, Jayden, I love your hair back in a ponytail like this. Makes you look like one of those models or something.”
Jayden bent out of the way of her clutches. He loved Lydia but hated when anyone not sleeping with him toyed with his hair. “Not in this case, Momma. I want to make sure the company knows I’m serious about this position. If and when I make it on staff with some years under my belt then I can be…fashionably late.” Jayden made quotations with his hands. No way would he mess up this opportunity to work at the number one firm in Chicago and one of Fortune 500’s best advertising firms in the country. Jayden had done his homework on this place and was excited to be picked along with only three others at his college for a chance to interview for permanent jobs at Denton and Associates. Jayden knew his first impression was critical to landing a job with them. Being late would do nothing but put doubt in their minds.
“Ah, Jayden, you are so serious…all the time, you are in your room, studying, hardly ever taking break. You don’t want to get married to some handsome man and have kids for Lydia, hmm?” Lydia stepped back and smiled at him, her hands clasped together.
“Not now, Momma Lydia.” Jayden called her that because she was the closest thing he had to a parent since he turned fifteen. “I need to stay focused on the job at hand, not anything else. I wanna get us out of this barrio and into a better neighborhood. Then I’ll try finding someone.”
Lydia shook her head and sighed. “And when will that be, Jayden? I won’t live long to see this, you know? I am up in age…”
“And in good health too, Momma Lydia.” Jayden planted a gentle kiss on her forehead, stopping her question. He hated hearing Lydia talk about dying so much especially knowing he’d probably lose all will to live if she left him. Lydia was all he‘d had for the last nine years. How the hell would he make it without her? He pulled her in for a hug and held her close to his body. “Mi madre, you will see me find my soulmate before you leave this earth, okay? I promise you that.” Jayden pressed his lips to her scalp and grabbed his keys off the dresser. “I’ll be home by midnight, and don’t forget to lock the door behind me.”
“Okay then, Jayden.” She waddled behind him to the door, muttering in Spanish as she walked. “You won’t find Mr. Right unless you try harder. He won’t come to doorstep with ring on pillow!”
Jayden blew a kiss at her and left out, locking the door from the outside. Just as he suspected, Lydia forgot to do as he’d said. She’d been forgetting a lot as of late such as taking her meds, when to eat, even his name at times, and this concerned Jayden. Really, he wanted to take her to the doctor, but she refused, saying she was in good health and only forgetting things because of her age.
Thinking about Lydia, he sighed and leaned against the door, saying a small prayer in Spanish for his beloved madre. He pulled his rosary out from under his collar and kissed it, hoping his prayers wouldn’t go unheard.
Please, God, don’t call her back home now. She’s all I’ve got in this world!

Looking at his phone, Jayden cursed silently when he saw the time. He’d rented a car for the event but had to walk two blocks to park it because of the recent break-ins in the neighborhood. Living in Humboldt Park meant keeping a low profile and not walking flamboyantly down the street to draw undue attention. This Jayden knew from the time he moved in with his madre, and he took it to heart every time he walked out that door to go anywhere.


Tina Donahue said...

Wow, you have been busy. Good for you. Your newest sound amazing. :)

jean hart stewart said...

Most intriguing excerpt...Lots of luck with all you're doing..

S.Lira said...

Thanks Tina.

I really havent been that busy. lol This is my 2nd release with a pub this yr

S.Lira said...

TY Jean for the comment!


Fiona McGier said...

Humboldt Park? So it's set in Chi-town? My Mom grew up in Bucktown when it was still Polish. Then it turned Hispanic, and it's been gentrifying for years. I have a cousin who still lives there with her family...who knows where she'll retire to?

I like the idea of a supportive madre, who loves her gay son.