Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Why InterRacial Romances?


     People are often surprised at my vehemence about allowing anyone who wants to, to immigrate to the US. We're a nation of immigrants and that's our strength. Each new wave of folks brings their customs and traditions, and eventually they're assimilated into the melting pot that's the US, and we're the richer for it. Who doesn't love poonchies, those Polish donuts for Fat Tuesday? Or Asian stir-fry food? When I was growing up ketchup was the favorite condiment; now it's salsa, and might I add, a much yummier choice! We all wear green on St. Pat's day, eat pizza and spaghetti regularly, and everyone under the age of 30 listens to rap music, a testament to the Black experience in the inner cities. Note: many older folks like me prefer the blues or jazz, both of which also sprang from the Black experience here.
Hispanic-Native Am./White

Our future lies in not closing our borders.  As an example, if that had happened years ago I wouldn't be here. Mom's parents were both immigrants (from Poland), as was my Dad (from Scotland.) Go back 2 generations and there's no sign of me here. Yet I'm proud to be an American. I think everyone who wants to should be allowed to join the grand experiment of a fairly young country (worldwide-speaking) that is made up of people from all over the world. Yes, it's hard to keep in mind that we have to respect each others' traditions-- that there's no one right way to live. Freedom means freedom for all of us, not just those like us.

I taught my kids to feel comfortable with having friends and neighbors who are totally different: who speak another language, eat different foods, and have different customs. I'll watch their house when they go on vacation, and they'll do the same for me. Their freedom ends when they walk into my yard and tell me I have to live like them. So does mine...and that's the part most often forgotten.

 Full-breed dogs are always weaker, with health problems endemic to their breed.    Mutts are the healthiest critters around, since they combine different gene pools to make a new whole. People are the same way. Most of my romances are inter-racial for that reason. Just because our ancestors walked in different directions and evolved protective coloring to live in areas separated by great distances, doesn't mean we aren't all one people. And I consider Native American, Hispanic, Russian, Irish, etc. as all being different races. Having a similar skin color does not mean people share the same traditions. But love knows no colors.
Native American/White

Final note: I read a joke recently. A man is standing behind a woman in a grocery store line and she's on the phone speaking a different language. He waits until she's done then rudely tells her, "We're in America, you know. You need to speak English."
"Pardon me?" she replies in confusion.
"If you want to speak Mexican, go back to Mexico. This is America and we speak English."
Blue Alien/Chinese
She regards him gravely, "I was speaking Navajo. If you want to speak English go back to England."

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Kayelle Allen said...

Thanks for sharing this, Fiona. Oh, and your Navajo language joke was priceless. Loved it.

Tina Donahue said...

Love what that woman said to that jerk in the store. Good for her. We're all human. That's all the matters. Great post, Fiona.

Fiona McGier said...

Thanks for the supportive comments. I sub in a lot of ESL-type classes and I tell the kids to be proud they're here, because now they're a part of "the grand experiment" that is the USA. Never before in history has a country this large and powerful been founded by immigrants who had to forge an often uneasy alliance with former enemies. The book is still being written as to whether or not history will consider us a success.

jean hart stewart said...

What a refreshing blog. I think we should all be proud to be part of this grand experiment...

Andrea Jackson said...

A topic that strikes close to my heart. I'm really starved for diverse main characters in fiction. Especially SF/F/Pnr.

I'll check out your work.

S.Lira said...

Great blog Fiona. I love interracial romances and bringing different cultures together. People are people!

Fiona McGier said...

I'm so glad to be getting positive comments! I was worried I might come across as too preachy. But this is a topic I've thought long and hard about, and my feelings get put into words every time I write another book about two people who fall in love. Males and females are raised to think differently, but even more so when they're from different cultures. I think that's part of what makes reading about their romances so interesting!