Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Women and the West

The west wouldn't be what it is without its women. Would it? Are they Divas? Why not. Are the sexy? You bet. Sure there are cowboys all over the place, yummy cowboys I might add, but there wouldn't be cowboys without their women.

Take a look at the pictures below of some amazing women I met last year. Oh, and see those half-chaps that comes just below knee? I so wanted a pair of these when I went west last June to the Vee Bar Guest Ranch Page Lambert's Literature & Landscape of the Horse writers retreat. But, having a set custom made wouldn't fit the time frame. You see, going to the retreat was a very last minute decision. And one of the best decisions I've made in a long time.

Anyhow, back to the women. This is an awesome pic of Kari, the hostess with the most, of the Vee Bar. She wears her chinks well. *want*

I think she told me this picture was taken in May. Yep, snow in May. Spring is just around the corner and I simply cannot wait!

Being at the Vee Bar inspired me in more ways than you can imagine. The retreat is happening again this June and I so want to go, but sadly, I don't have enough time off. But what I can do is write about the west. I have, actually, in my book Elemental Heat. It's not set in Wyoming, but in Colorado - and I did visit a few places I wrote about. I did plot out an awesome story idea when I was away last June too. It will be set in Wyoming though. About women in the west. Women in charge. Boss ladies. Do you think it would be something you'd like to read? The title is picked as well as the series name. It's a year away though from a start date, as other works have me all tied up. But I may be able to push it forward a bit.

Here is a pic from the back of my horse Sweeny, of a ride we did from Breakfast Hill. It was very windy at the top.

And this is Page Lambert. She was our retreat leader. Click her name to see all the great things she has to offer.

And Sheri Griffiths. She was the horse whisperer. Plus she runs an expedition company with some amazing looking trips.

My posse.

So back to stories set in the west. The heroine in Elemental Heat is a city girl that goes west to meet in person the cowboy she met on line. A big risk, not ever having met, but one she is willing to take. She risks a whole lot, especially when mother natures kicks up a stink and has a little hissy fit of her own.

“Sounds to me like you don’t have a whole lot of patience. Remember, all good things come to those who wait.” He winked at her and stood.
Jenna watched him walk to the barbeque. He was all fluid grace. For such a big man he wasn’t awkward at all and she couldn’t wait to see him in the saddle. He’d promised they’d go riding tomorrow. But there was a lot of time between now and then. She watched him flip the steaks and take a sip of wine from his glass, then hold the spatula aloft. The image was ingrained in her mind and she swore she would never forget this moment.
Before she knew what she was doing or could change her mind, Jenna swung her legs off the lounge and stood. Chet turned and watched her approach, the dark dreaminess of his eyes drew her. She needed to taste him, to feel his lips under hers and if he wasn’t going to make the first move then she would.
The blanket slipped down her back and she clutched the edges below her breasts.
He put the spatula down without looking where he placed it and it clattered to the patio stones. She stood before him and wound her arms around his neck, holding the corners of the blanket, wrapping them in the warmth of the wool. Her fingers pressed against his neck and the strength in his muscles made her feel truly feminine.
Almost at eye level, she had to look up only slightly to meet his gaze. All her senses tuned in to him, his essence permeated her and she let it. The long-distance teasing they had done the past few months came to a head and Jenna trembled with desire. She tipped her head back and pulled him to her. The hesitation when their lips were a hairsbreadth apart was exquisite. Energy crackled between them in the moment of anticipation before fulfillment.
Chet’s vigor and arousal radiated from him in pulsing waves. The whisper of air between their bodies vanished when he snaked his arms around her waist and brought her hard against him. Jenna sucked in a breath and a little “oh” popped from between her lips.
“This is where I’ve wanted you all day, woman.”

 And don’t forget the quickie wrap up to Jenna and Chet’s tale – Rock-Hard Heat

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Tina Donahue said...

Looks like a lot of fun. Wish I could go.

Cristal Ryder said...

It was a wonderful experience.